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Microprocessor removal and installation - ThinkStation S10 (type 6423 and 6483)

This section provides instructions on how to replace the microprocessor.

To replace the microprocessor:

  1. Open the computer cover. See "Cover removal".
  2. Place the computer on its side to help make the system board more accessible.
  3. Remove the heat sink from the system board. See "Heat sink removal and installation".
  4. To remove the microprocessor 3 from the system board, lift the small handle 1 and open the retainer 2.

Note: The system board in your computer looks different than the one illustrated.



Touch only the sides of the microprocessor. Do not touch the gold contacts on the bottom.

  1. Lift the microprocessor straight up and out of the socket.



  1. Note the orientation of the notches 1 on the microprocessor. This is important when reinstalling the microprocessor on the new system board.


  1. Do not drop anything onto the microprocessor socket while it is exposed. The socket pins must be kept as clean as possible.
  1. Holding the microprocessor with your fingers, position the microprocessor so that the notches on the microprocessor are aligned with the tabs in the microprocessor socket.


To avoid damaging the microprocessor contacts, do not tilt the microprocessor when installing it into the socket.

  1. Lower the microprocessor straight down into the system board socket of the new system board.


  1. Close the microprocessor retainer and clamp it with the small handle.
  2. Place the heat sink into position and replace the 4 screws to secure the heat sink to the system board.
  3. Reconnect the heat sink fan cable.
  4. Go to "Completing the FRU replacement".
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