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Technical information and limitations of multi-monitor configurations - ATI X1300 display adapter and ThinkPad Advanced Dock
Technical Information

On ThinkPad Advance Dock PCI Express slot:

  • Low-profile full-length or full-height full-length PCI Express card with x1, x4, x8 or x16 slot connectors.
  • 50-watt power consumption limit.
  • Hot-plug of PCI Express graphic adapters is not supported.

On Microsoft Windows XP:

  • To initialize the graphics adapter, a full boot into Windows XP is required. The system must be dock with installed graphics adapter.
  • Hot undock is not supported because Windows XP does not support the hot-unplug of a graphics adapter.
    • Pressing Undock button: An error message will appear indicating that the GPU is busy.
    • Pressing Eject button: As soon as the user tries to do anything on the notebook, it will hang.
  • To undock, shutdown the ThinkPad system.
Additional Information
  • When switching the primary screen from one to another, the taskbar stays in original screen and will not be switched into the new primary screen.

New primary screen

Original screen

  • Any monitor connected will default to extended (independent) mode. Users need to configure for clone mode if desired.
  • Clone mode across the installed adapter and the ThinkPad LCD or dock station video VGA/DVI connectors is not supported.
  • Displays modes, clone versus independent, and settings are configured via the "ATI Catalyst Control Center".
  • ThinkPad systems with Intel integrated graphics:
    • In all configurations, (2, 3 or 4 monitors) the monitors connected to the X1300 adapter cannot be set as primary display.
    • One of two monitors, connected to the X1300 adapter, will flicker when the configuration is changed on the X1300 adapter.
    • The secondary monitors will be blank prior to system login (username and password). After system login, the secondary monitor will display an image.

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