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ThinkPad T400/T410/R400 and ThinkPad T500/R500/W500 Privacy Filters - Overview

Privacy Filter

Features and specifications

The ThinkPad T400/T410/R400 (43R2472) and ThinkPad R500/T500/W500 (43R2474) Privacy Filters help block the screen view from anyone viewing the computer screen from a side view. Features include:

  • Utilize 3M's unique microlouver privacy technology, which allows only persons directly in front of the computer to view on-screen data clearly
  • Fits uniquely into T400, T410, R400, T500, R500 and W500 ThinkPad systems
  • Feature dual sides; providing an option for a matted or glossy finish appearance
  • Provide maximum left / right 30 degree (60 degree total) viewing angle
  • Remains in position with ThinkPad lid closed

Physical Specifications:

  • ThinkPad T400/T410//R400 Privacy Filter
    • Approximate height: 193 mm (7.59 in)
    • Approximate width: 305 mm (12 in)
    • Approximate depth: 0.5 mm (0.02 in)
    • Approximate weight: 36 g (0.08 lbs)
  • ThinkPad T500/R500/W500 Privacy Filter
    • Approximate height: 211 mm (8.3 in)
    • Approximate width: 333 mm (13.1 in)
    • Approximate depth: 0.5 mm (0.02 in)
    • Approximate weight: 42 g (0.092 lbs)
  • Privacy Filter packaged in a shipping carton envelope:
    • Approximate height: 300 mm (11.8 in)
    • Approximate width: 385 mm (15.2 in)
    • Approximate depth: 5 mm (0.2 in)
    • Approximate weight: 0.3 kg (0.6 lbs)



1 year – Customer Replacement Unit (CRU) Service

  • Announce date: 05 Aug 2008 (Worldwide)
  • Availability date: 05 Aug 2008 (Worldwide)
  • Effective withdrawal date:
    • 43R2474: May 2011
    • 43R2472: July 2011


Hardware compatibility
Machine Type - Models
Privacy Filter Part Number
ThinkPad R400, T400, T410
ThinkPad R500, T500, W500


  • The ThinkPad L412, T400s, T410s, T420, T420s, does not support the ThinkPad T400/R400 Privacy Filter (43R2472).
  • The ThinkPad L512, T510, W510, T520, W520 does not support the ThinkPad R500/T500/W500 Privacy Filter (43R2474).




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