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Network Adapters - Reference Guide

cardbus adapter


Lenovo USB Modem (43R1814)
Lenovo USB 2.0 to Ethernet Adapter (0A36322)
ThinkPad USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter (4X90E51405)


Wireless Wide Area Network (Wireless WAN)
Lenovo Support: Wireless - Reference - A list of Wireless WAN accessories


Additional product information - Personal Systems Reference (PSREF): Comprehensive information on features and technical specifications of Lenovo products - Additional Lenovo Support information on options and accessories - Additional information on options and accessories. Includes Option Compatibility Matrix (OCM) - A North America (U.S., Canada) web-based, accessories compatibility configurator


Discontinued, No Longer Available
3Com 10Mbps Ethernet PC Card (10BaseT) 10/100 Ethernet Cardbus Adapter with Xjack by 3Com
3Com 10Mbps Ethernet PC Card with Xjack 10/100 Ethernet Cardbus Adapter by 3Com
3Com Megahertz 10/100 Lan Cardbus with Xjack 10/100 EtherJet CardBus Adapter Cable
3Com 10/100 Lan Cardbus 10/100 Ethernet Mini-PCI Adapter with 56K Modem by 3Com
10/100 Ethernet Mini-PCI Adapter with 56K Modem by 3Com    


Ethernet/Etherjet adapters
10/100 Etherjet Cardbus Adapter 10/100 56K LAN/Modem PC Card
10/100 Etherjet Cardbus + 56K Modem 10/100 Intel Ethernet Mini-PCI Adapter with 56K modem
10/100 Etherjet Ready Port Intel PRO/100 SP Mobile Combo Adapter
10/100 Etherjet Ready Port + 56K Modem PRO/1000T Desktop Adapter by Intel


Xircom Realport Ethernet Cardbus 10/100


Data migration
Data Migration Mobile with PC Card Kit


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