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Fan baffle and processor removal movie - ThinkCentre A51, A52, M52, M52e
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Fan baffle and processor installation movie


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To remove the fan baffle and processor:

  1. Place the system in the service position.
  2. Turn off the system and all attached peripheral devices.
  3. Disconnect all power cords and all external signal cables. For easier access to components, place the system on its side. This is the recommended service position.
  4. Remove the side cover.
  5. Press the cover-release button on the right side cover, slide the cover to the rear and lift it off.
  6. Remove the baffle. Squeeze the two tabs on the top of the baffle and lift out.
  7. Remove the heat sink. Prior to removing the heat sink, you should power on the system for a few minutes to soften the thermal layer, so that the heat sink can easily be removed.
  8. Rotate the heat sink release lever to the open position.
  9. Pivot the heat sink up to disengage the bottom end of the heat sink from the lip on the heat sink retention bracket.
  10. Rotate the processor release lever to the open position.
  11. Open the processor retainer. Place the vacuum tool in the center of the processor and squeeze the tool to apply suction to the processor, and then gently lift the processor straight up from the socket. Always place the protective cover over the processor contacts when the processor is out of the system. Use care not to touch the contacts because any contamination can damage them.
  12. If the processor is going to be removed for any length of time, you must install a dust cover to protect the socket from contamination. Place the dust cover over the processor retainer and press into place. Close the processor retainer.
    Note that when you replace a processor you must return the processor replacement tool along with the replaced processor in the packaging provided. The replaced heat sink should be disposed of locally.
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Detailed processor installation and removal instructions for ThinkCentre A51, A52, M52, M52e

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