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Microprocessor removal and installation - ThinkCentre A50 (type 8089, 8090) / S50 (type 8086, 8087, 8088, 8094)
These instructions are also available in movie format:
Processor removal movie
Processor installation movie
  1. Open the cover. See "Opening the cover".
  2. Loosen the two captured screws that secure the heat sink clamps 2. Pivot the clamps to the side to allow the heat sink 1 to be removed.

loosen the screws, pivot the clamps, and twist the heatsink

  1. Remove the heat sink from the microprocessor by gently twisting the heat sink to break the seal formed by the thermal grease and lifting it straight up.
  2. Place the heat sink on a clean work surface.
  3. Release the microprocessor 1 from the system board socket by pulling outward and lifting the small handle 2 on the microprocessor socket to its maximum vertical position. Carefully lift the microprocessor off the socket.

lift handle to maximum vertical position

  1. Make sure that the microprocessor socket handle is fully in the vertical position. Otherwise the microprocessor pins might be damaged when reinstalling the new microprocessor.
  2. Position the microprocessor so that the pins are aligned with the socket and with the beveled corner 1 on the microprocessor is aligned in the socket as shown.

align beveled edge of processor with socket

  1. Lower the handle until it is fully in the down position and locked into the socket. This secures the microprocessor in the socket.
  2. Remove the cleaning pad from its package and use the cleaning pad to wipe the thermal grease from the bottom of the heat sink.

    1. The cleaning pad and thermal grease are separate FRUs and are not included with the system board or microprocessor FRUs. These must be ordered separately and shipped along with the FRUs being replaced.
    2. Be sure that all of the thermal grease is removed.

    Note: 0.01mL is one tick mark on the syringe. If the grease is properly applied, approximately half (0.22mL) of the grease will remain in the syringe.

  3. Use the thermal grease syringe to place 16 uniformly spaced dots of 0.01mL each on the top of the microprocessor.

place 16 uniformly spaced dots of 0.01mL

  1. Place the heat sink into position on the microprocessor.
  2. When tightening the screws that clamp the heat sink, do not overtighten. Tighten the clamp screws evenly by tightening one side some and then the other until they are both snug.
  3. Go to "Completing the removal or installation".
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