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System board removal and installation - ThinkCentre A50 (type 8089, 8090) / S50 (type 8086, 8087, 8088, 8094)
These instructions are also available in movie format:
System board removal movie
System board installation movie
  1. Open the cover. See "Opening the cover".
  2. Remove the PCI riser. See "PCI adapter removal and installation".
  3. Disconnect rear fan cable and remove the rear fan bracket assembly by lifting it off the system board.
  4. Carefully take note of the location of all cable connections on the system board and disconnect all cables.
  5. Take note of the location of the memory modules and remove them from the failing system board. See "System board diagram".
  6. Loosen the two captured screws that secure the heat sink clamps 2. Pivot the clamps to the side to allow the heat sink 1 to be removed.

loosen the screws and pivot the clamps

  1. Remove the heat sink from the microprocessor by gently twisting the heat sink to break the seal formed by the thermal grease and lifting it straight up.
  2. Place the heat sink on its side on a clean work surface so that the thermal grease is not contaminated.
  3. Use the handle at the rear of the system board to pull the system board and tray out the rear of the chassis.

pull the system board and tray out the rear of the chassis

  1. If you are replacing the microprocessor, see "Microprocessor removal and installation".
    Note: Do not install the heatsink until the new system board has been installed.
  2. Install the new system board and tray into the rear of the chassis until it is fully seated.
  3. Reinstall the PCI riser.
  4. Reinstall the memory modules.
  5. Reinstall the heat sink on the microprocessor.
  6. Reconnect all cables to the system board. See "System board diagram".
  7. Reinstall the rear fan bracket assembly and connect the fan cable to the system board.
  8. Go to "Completing the removal or installation".
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