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Security devices installation - ThinkCentre 8189, 8190, 8194, 8195

The following illustration shows the locations of the security features on the rear of the computer.
Security lock diagram

  1. Rope clip
  2. Integrated cable lock

Rope clip
Using a 3/16-inch or 5-mm rope clip (sometimes referred to as a U-bolt), a steel security cable, and a padlock can secure your computer to a desk, table, or other non-permanent fixture. For computers designed to accommodate the rope clip, knockouts at the rear of the chassis are provided.

To install a rope clip

  1. Remove the cover. See "Cover removal".
  2. Use a tool, such as a screwdriver, to remove the two metal knockouts.
  3. Insert the rope clip through the rear panel; then attach and tighten the nuts with an appropriately sized or adjustable wrench.
  4. Replace the computer cover. For more information, see "Cover installation and connecting the cables".
  5. Thread the cable through the rope clip and around an object that is not a part of or permanently secured to the building structure or foundation, and from which it cannot be removed; then fasten the cable ends together with a lock.
    Threading cable through lock


Integrated cable lock
With an integrated cable lock (sometimes referred to as a Kensington lock), you can secure your computer to a desk, table, or other non-permanent fixture. The cable lock attaches to a security slot at the rear of your computer and is operated with a key. This is the same type of lock used with many laptop computers. You can order a cable lock directly from us. Go to /ContentResources/Migrated Assets/think/support and search on Kensington.

Password protection
To deter unauthorized use of your computer, you can use the Setup Utility program to set a password. When you turn on your computer you are prompted to type the password to unlock the keyboard for normal use.

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