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Locating rear connectors - ThinkCentre 8185, 8186, 8192
The following illustration shows the locations of the connectors on the rear of the ThinkCentre 8185, 8186, and 8192 computers.

Rear connectors

  1. Mouse connector
  2. Parallel connector
  3. USB connectors
  4. Ethernet connector
  5. Audio line in connector
  6. Power connector
  7. PCI slots
  1. AGP slot
  2. Audio line out connector
  3. Microphone connector
  4. USB connectors
  5. VGA monitor connector
  6. Serial connector
  7. Keyboard connector

Some connectors on the rear of the computer are color-coded to help you to determine where to connect the cables on your computer.

Connector functions
Mouse connectorUsed to attach a mouse, trackball, or other pointing device that uses a standard mouse connector.
Parallel connectorUsed to attach a parallel printer, parallel scanner, or other devices that use a 25-pin parallel connector.
USB connectorsUsed to attach a device that requires a Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection, such as a USB scanner or USB printer. If you have more than four USB devices, you can purchase a USB hub, which you can use to connect additional USB devices.
Ethernet connectorUsed to attach an Ethernet cable for a local area network (LAN). Note: To operate the computer within FCC Class B limits, use a Category 5 Ethernet cable.
Audio line in connectorUsed to receive audio signals from an external audio device, such as a stereo system. When you attach an external audio device, a cable is connected between the audio line out connector of the device and the audio line in connector of the computer.
Audio line out connectorUsed to send audio signals from the computer to external devices, such as powered stereo speakers (speakers with built-in amplifiers), headphones, multimedia keyboards, or the audio line in connector on a stereo system or other external recording device.
Microphone connectorUsed to attach a microphone to your computer when you want to record voice or other sounds on the hard disk if you use speech-recognition software.
Serial connectorUsed to attach an external modem, serial printer, or other devices that use a 9-pin serial connector.
Keyboard connectorUsed to attach a keyboard that uses a standard keyboard connector.

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