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Front view - ThinkPad X31, X32
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x31 and x32 front view thinklightComputer displayPower-status indicatorsPower switchFoward and back keysTrackPoint Pointer and buttonsTrackPoint Pointer and buttonsFn-SpacebarFn keyAccess IBM buttonVolume control buttonsBuilt-in microphoneSystem-status indicators

1ThinkLightthinklightUse the ThinkPad computer under less than perfect lighting conditions. The ThinkLight device illuminates the keyboard.
2Computer displaycomputer displayThe high-resolution, thin-film transistor (TFT) display provides clear and brilliant text and graphics.
3Power-status indicatorspower-status indicators

The power-status indicators show whether the computer is in standby, hibernation, or normal mode and show the charge level of the battery.

Note: If your computer is shipped with a wireless feature and a Bluetooth feature, it has the wireless status indicator and the Bluetooth status indicator.

4Power switchpower switch 

Use the power switch to turn on the computer. To turn off your computer, use the Start menu shutdown options on Microsoft Windows. The power switch can also be programmed to shut down the computer or put it into standby or hibernation.

Note: If you are using Microsoft Windows 98 or Microsoft Windows NT, you cannot put the computer into standby mode by pressing the power switch.

If you cannot turn off the computer by this method, press and hold the power switch for 2 seconds.

If your computer stops responding, and you cannot turn it off, press and hold the power switch for 4 seconds or more. If the system is still not reset, remove the AC adapter and the battery.

5Foward and back keysforward and back keys

The Forward and Back keys on your keyboard near the cursor-control keys are used with your Internet browser, such as Netscape and Internet Explorer. They function like the forward and back arrows in the browser that move you back and forward to pages you have viewed in the order that you opened them.

TrackPoint Pointer and buttonstrackpoint pointer and buttonsThe keyboard contains the unique TrackPoint cursor-pointing device. Pointing, selecting, and dragging are all part of a single process that you can perform without moving your fingers from typing position. The TrackPoint provides functions similar to those of a mouse and its buttons.
8Fn-Spacebarfn-spacebarPress Fn+Spacebar to start the FullScreen Magnifier and enlarge the active window.
9Fn keyfn keyUse the Fn key to take advantage of ThinkPad functions, such as turning on the ThinkLight. To use ThinkPad functions, press Fn + the required function key marked in blue.
10Access IBM buttonaccess ibm buttonPress the Access IBM button to open your on-board help system, which helps answer questions and provides quick access to software tools and key Lenovo Web sites.
11Volume control buttonsvolume control buttons The built-in volume buttons enable you to quickly adjust the volume or mute the sound from your ThinkPad computer.
12Built-in microphonebuilt-in microphoneThe built-in microphone captures sound and voice when it is used with an application program capable of handling audio.
13System-status indicatorssystem-status indicatorsYour computer has five system-status indicators:
  • Drive in use
  • Numeric lock
  • Caps lock
  • Power on

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