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E54 15.0-inch (13.8 and 13.9-inch viewable) CRT Monitor (6331) - Service parts
The parts information matrix provides a listing of marketing part numbers, FRU replacement part numbers, and additional part numbers applicable to your monitor. For additional information, such as user's guides, downloadable files, technical specifications and images select the hot-linked description to view an overview document for this product.

  • Type-Model: The marketing part number is the part number used for purchasing the product.
  • Description: A description of the marketing part number.
  • Geography: The geography where the 'Type-Model' is available.
  • Field Replacement Unit (FRU) Part Number: The service part number for the product or one of the product's component.

Monitor Component Part Numbers

Type-ModelDescriptionGeographyField Replacement Unit (FRU) Part Number
6331-01EE54 15.0-inch White CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRII Latin America22P6573
6331-02EE54 15.0-inch White CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIAsia/Pacific04N7626
6331-02NE54 15.0-inch White CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIAsia/Pacific04N7624
6331-02SE54 15.0-inch White CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIAsia/Pacific04N7628
6331-0CEE54 15.0-inch White CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIAsia/Pacific22P4774
6331-0CNE54 15.0-inch White CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIAsia/Pacific22P4772
6331-0CSE54 15.0-inch White CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIAsia/Pacific22P4776
6331-32NE54 15.0-inch White CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIAsia/Pacific04N7622
6331-34NE54 15.0-inch White CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIAsia/Pacific22P6338
6331-41EE54 15.0-inch Black CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIILatin America22P6574
6331-42EE54 15.0-inch Business Black CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIAsia/Pacific04N7627
6331-42NE54 15.0-inch Business Black CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIAsia/Pacific04N7625
6331-42SE54 15.0-inch Business Black CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIAsia/Pacific04N7629
6331-4CEE54 15.0-inch Business Black CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIAsia/Pacific22P4775
6331-4CNE54 15.0-inch Business Black CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIAsia/Pacific22P4773
6331-4CSE54 15.0-inch Business Black CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIAsia/Pacific22P4777
6331-72NE54 15.0-inch Business Black CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIAsia/Pacific04N7623
6331-74NE54 15.0-inch Business Black CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIAsia/Pacific22P6339
6331-A2EE54 15.0-inch White CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIILatin America04N7616
6331-A2NE54 15.0-inch White CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIUnited States, Canada04N7612
6331-B2EE54 15.0-inch Business Black CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIILatin America04N7617
6331-B2NE54 15.0-inch Business Black CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIUnited States, Canada04N7614  
6331-E2NE54 15.0-inch White CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIEurope/Middle East/Africa04N7618
6331-G2NE54 15.0-inch White CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIEurope/Middle East/Africa04N7619  
6331-H2NE54 15.0-inch Business Black CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIEurope/Middle East/Africa04N7621  
6331-M2NE54 15.0-inch White CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRIIUnited States, Canada, Europe/Middle East/ Africa19K5875  
6331-N2NE54 15.0-inch Black CRT (13.8-inch viewable) MPRII
United States, Canada, Europe/Middle East/ Africa19K5877
6331-T2NE54 15.0-inch White CRT (13.8-inch viewable) TCO99
Europe/Middle East/Africa19K5876  
6331-U2NE54 15.0-inch Black CRT (13.8-inch viewable) TCO95
Europe/Middle East/Africa19K5878  

Miscellaneous Component Part Numbers

ItemPart NumberUsed with:
E54 Tilt/Swivel Stand - Pearl White04N76476331-32N, 6331-A2N, 6331-A2E
E54 Tilt/Swivel Stand - Pearl White04N76496331-T2N, 6331-G2N, 6331-M2N, 6331-E2N
E54 Tilt/Swivel Stand - Pearl White04N76516331-02S, 6331-02E, 6331-02N
E54 Tilt/Swivel Stand - Pearl White22P47786331-0CE, 6331-0CN, 6331-0CS
E54 Tilt/Swivel Stand - Pearl White22P63406331-34N
E54 Tilt/Swivel Stand - Pearl White22P65756331-01E
E54 Tilt/Swivel Stand - Business Black04N76486331-B2N, 6331-B2E, 6331-72N
E54 Tilt/Swivel Stand - Business Black04N76506331-H2N, 6331-U2N, 6331-N2N
E54 Tilt/Swivel Stand - Business Black04N76526331-42S, 6331-42E, 6331-42N
E54 Tilt/Swivel Stand - Business Black22P47796331-4CN, 6331-4CS, 6331-4CE
E54 Tilt/Swivel Stand - Business Black22P63416331-74N
E54 Tilt/Swivel Stand - Business Black22P65766331-41E

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