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ThinkPad 8x4x24 Max CD-RW Ultrabay 2000 Drive - Overview

General information
The ThinkPad 8x4x24 Max CD-RW Ultrabay 2000 Drive is a triple-function drive with the latest CD-Rewritable (CD-RW) and CD-Recordable (CD-R) capabilities. Providing industry-standard, leading performance, this new drive writes to CD-R and CD-RW at speeds up to 8x and reads CD-R, CD-RW, and CD-ROM data at speeds up to 24x. This drive enables you to burn, install, and play CDs in one slim drive designed to easily slide into the Ultrabay 2000 found in the ThinkPad A and T Series laptops, the ThinkPad Dock, the UltraBase X2 media slice, and the Portable Drive Bay 2000.

With its fast write/rewrite capability, the ThinkPad 8x/4x/24 Max CD-RW Ultrabay 2000 Drive is the ideal portable backup and removable storage solution. Using the included software, writing data to CD-R and CD-RW media is as simple as copying files to a floppy disk. Users can expand their storage capacity by writing, backing up, storing, and archiving up to 650 MB of data on each CD-R or CD-RW media.

  • Includes best of breed CD-RW Easy CD Creator and DirectCD software(1) for easy point-and-click writing using inexpensive CD-R and CD-RW media
  • Installs in the bay of the ThinkPad A and T Series systems, the ThinkPad Dock, the Portable Drive Bay 2000, and the UltraBase X2 media slice
  • Stores multimedia, graphics, pictures, and large amounts of data on a single, standard CD-R (write once) or CD-RW (write multiple times) 650 MB media
  • Reads or writes data with its speedy 8x maximum (writing to CD-R me- dia), 4x maximum (writing to CD-RW media), 24x maximum(2) (reading CD-ROM, CD-R, and CD-RW media) data transfer rates

1 year Limited

You will receive one box containing the following items:

  • CD-RW drive
  • Carrying case
  • CD Creator software pack
  • User's Guide
  • Publication

Product marketing and replacement part numbers (FRU)
Part numbers applicable to: worldwide

  • Marketing part number: 08K9569
  • Replacement part number: 08K9568
Product dates
  • Announce date: 06 Feb 2001
  • Planned availability date: Mar 2001
  • Effective withdrawal date: 26 Feb 2002

Technical specifications
Performance specifications as known at time of announcement

  • Write speed: 8x (max)
  • Rewrite speed: 4x (max)
  • Read Speed: 24x (max)
  • Average access time: 150 ms
  • Data buffer: 2 MB

Physical, environmental, and compatibility specifications as known at time of announcement


  • inches:0.56
  • mm: 13.2
  • inches: 5.13
  • mm: 130.4
  • inches: 5.68
  • mm: 144.3
Operating temperature
  • Between 5 degrees celsius and 50 degrees celsius
  • Between 41 degrees fahrenheit and 122 degrees fahrenheit
Relative humidity
  • Operating: between 10% and 80%
  • Non-condensing

Agency approvals

  • MIC
  • CE
  • C-Tick
  • UL
  • CSA
  • TUV
  • BSMI

Hardware requirements
The ThinkPad 8x4x24 Max CD-RW Ultrabay 2000 Drive is supported on the following systems:

DescriptionMachine typeModel
A Series ThinkPad2628, 2629, 2633ALL
T Series ThinkPad2647, 2648ALL
X Series ThinkPad *2660, 2661, 2662ALL
A21e ThinkPad2655ALL
ThinkPad Dock2631ALL
Portable Drive Bay 2000 (19K4480)

* Requires the UltraBase X2 Media Slice 08N1180.

Software requirements
Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, or Windows Me

Applicable disc formats:

  • CD-ROM data, CD-ROM XA, CD audio, CD-Extra
  • Photo CD, Video CD, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-Text

Some configurations may not be compatible

The read and write results of the CD-RW drive depend on the quality and characteristics of the CD-R and CD-RW media used. Less than desirable results may be obtained with some CD-R and CD-RW suppliers.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please do try the following options:
1. Lenovo Assisted Search
2. Product usage and general troubleshooting tips
3. Lenovo Support Forum
4. Technical Support Call Centre

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