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Adapter card removal and installation- NetVista 6838, 6848

Adapter slots

To install an adapter in a PCI or AGP expansion slot:

  1. Remove the cover. See System cover removal and installation.
  2. Remove the adapter slot cover latch and the slot cover for the appropriate expansion slot.
  3. removing the adapter slot cover latch
  4. Remove the adapter from its static-protective package.
  5. Install the adapter into the appropriate slot on the system board.
  6. Note: If you are installing a Wake on LAN supported network adapter, attach the Wake on LAN cable that came with the adapter to the Wake on LAN connector on the system board. If you also want to take advantage of the Alert on LAN feature of the computer, you must install the network adapter in PCI slot 1. For the location of PCI slot 1 and the Wake on LAN connector, see the diagram of the system board on the inside of the computer
  7. Install the adapter slot cover latch.
  8. installing the adapter slot cover latch
  9. Replace the cover and connect the cables.

AGP Adapters

Some models come with a high-performance AGP video adapters.

1Digital video interface (DVI) connectorUsed to attach a digital monitor. This connector provides the signals.
2.S-Video connectorUsed to attach a television set that has a S-Video connector. The S-Video cable (required to connect the television set to the adapter) is a separately purchased item.
3.SVGA monitor converter Used to attach an analog SVGA monitor to the AGP DVI connector. This SVGA converter is not used in this machine type.
6.SVGA monitor converterUsed to attach an analog SVGA monitor to the AGP DVI connector.
5.Monitor cableConnects monitor to video output from computer.

Audio Adapter

1MIDI/joystick connector
2Audio line-out connector
3Audio line-out connector
4Audio line-in connector

ADLS modem

Depending on how the user's home or office is wired, the ADSL modem uses either wires 2 and 5 or wires 3 and 4 of the telephone-line wall connector. Refer to the label on the back of the ADSL modem and set the switch on the back of the ADSL modem to match the wiring scheme. If you do not know which wiring scheme to use, contact the user's ADSL service provider.

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