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Memory removal and installation - NetVista 6838, 6848

You can increase the amount of memory in your computer by installing memory modules. Your NetVista computer uses industry-standard, RAMBUS in-line memory modules (RIMMs).


  1. Any connector that does not have a RIMM installed must have a continuity RIMM (C-RIMM), a module that looks like a RIMM but has no memory on it. A C-RIMM is used to continue the connection on a RIMM connector that does not have memory installed.
  2. Install only ECC RIMMs to enable ECC. If you use ECC and non-ECC memory together, it will function as non-ECC memory.
  3. RIMM connectors do not support dual inline memory modules (DIMMs).
  4. Use only PC600 or PC800 RIMMs.
  5. Note: If you use PC600 and PC800 RIMMs together, all memory will function at the speed of the slowest RIMM.
  6. Your NetVista Types 6838 and 6848 computers support 128 MB, 256 MB, and 512 MB RIMMs. Your computer supports a minimum of 128 MB and a maximum of 2.0 GB of system memory. Go to for a list of memory modules to use with your computer.

NOTE: The illustrations in this document might differ slightly from your hardware.

Do the following to install a RIMM or C-RIMM:

Attention: When handling static-sensitive devices, take precautions to avoid damage from static electricity. For details on handling these devices, see "Handling electrostatic discharge-sensitive devices" on page 90 of the Hardware Maintenance Manual.

  1. Review the safety precautions listed in the "Safety information" on page 87 of the Hardware Maintenance Manual.
  2. Turn off the computer and all attached devices. Disconnect all external cables and power cords; then remove the cover (see "Removing the cover" on page 26 of the Hardware Maintenance Manual for details).
  3. Remove the support bracket.
  4. Touch the static-protective package containing the RIMM to any unpainted metal surface on the computer. Then remove the new RIMM from the package.
  5. Open the retaining clips and, if necessary, remove any existing RIMM or C-RIMM:
  6. Gently open the retaining clip on each end of the RIMM slot. Turn the RIMM so that the pins align correctly with the connector.
  7. opening retaining clips on each end of rimm slot
  8. Insert the RIMM into the connector by aligning the RIMM edges with the slots at each end of the RIMM connector. Firmly press the RIMM straight down into the connector by applying pressure on both ends of the RIMM simultaneously. The retaining clips snap into the locked position when the RIMM is firmly seated in the connector.
  9. If a gap exists between the RIMM and the retaining clips, the RIMM has not been correctly installed. Open the retaining clips, remove the RIMM, then reinsert it.
  10. If you have other options to install or remove, go to the appropriate section. Otherwise, finish the installation with the steps below.
  11. Replace the support bracket.
  12. Replace the side cover. See Cover removal and installation.
  13. Reconnect the external cables and power cords. Turn on the attached devices, then the computer.
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