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System battery installation - NetVista 6266, 6270, 6276, 6279, 6280, 6286

System battery installation
Attention: Before replacing the lithium battery review the lithium battery notice.

Note the orientation of the battery in the bracket.

  1. Press outward on the metal latch and lift the battery out.
  2. Insert a new 3V lithium battery (CR2032) into the bracket and press it down until the securing clip clicks and locks the battery in if you replace the system battery, you need to reset the system date and time in Setup.I

Attention: Make sure you insert the battery with the positive side on top. A plus (+) sign indicates the positive side.

Changing the date and time
  1. Enter Setup. See Entering Setup below.
  2. From the Configuration/Setup Utility menu, select Standard CMOS Setup.
  3. Set the date and the time.
  4. Exit Setup and save the change.
  5. Use the left arrow key to select Yes, then press Enter to save the settings in CMOS.

You can also change the time and date from the Windows desktop.

  1. Double-click on the My Computer icon.
  2. Double-click on the Control Panel icon.
  3. From the Control Panel, double-click on the Date/Time icon to display the items for changing the date and time.
  4. Make the necessary changes then click on the OK button.

Entering Setup

When the computer is on
Follow these steps to enter Setup when the computer is on:
  1. Save all open files and close all running applications.
  2. Click on the Start button from your Windows desktop.
  3. Click on the Shut Down... option.
  4. From the window that appears, click on the option Shut down, click OK, then wait for the computer to shut down.
  5. Turn off the computer and follow the instruction below.

Note: You cannot enter Setup after the Power On Self Test (POST) is complete.

When the computer is off
Follow these steps to enter Setup when the computer is off:
  1. Turn on your monitor.
  2. Turn on the system unit.
  3. When you see the IBM logo and the line message Press TAB to show POST screen, F1 to enter SETUP, press F1 to enter Setup and display the Configuration/Setup Utility menu.

Note: If you have previously set a power-on password, you are prompted to type in the password after you press the F1 key.

Lithium battery notice
Attention: Your computer uses lithium batteries. There may be a risk of fire, explosion, or burns if the batteries are handled incorrectly.

To ensure safety:

  1. Do not recharge, disassemble, heat, or incinerate a lithium battery.
  2. Replace the battery with an identical or equivalent type lithium battery.
  3. Do not throw or immerse the battery in water.
  4. Discard used lithium batteries according to local country dispositions.
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