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System board removal and installation - NetVista 2271, 6840, 6841
Attention: Before replacing a system board, back up Asset information by using the Asset EEPROM backup.


  1. The BIOS and Vital Product Data (VPD) for the computer you are servicing must be installed on the new system board (FRU) after it is installed in the computer. To do this, you must run the Flash Update program using the Flash Update diskette. See BIOS levels, Vital product, and Flash (BIOS/VPD) update procedure.
  2. Always ensure the latest level of BIOS is installed on the computer. A down level BIOS may cause false errors and unnecessary replacement of the system board.
  3. The processor is a separate FRU from the system board and is not included with the system board FRU.
  4. If the new system board does not correct the problem, reinstall the options on the old system board, reinstall the old system board, then replace the processor.

To replace the system board, do the following:

  1. Cover removal .
  2. Video card removal.
  3. Remove the machine chassis foot that is in front of the PCI extender card.
  4. Remove the extender card (See PCI extender card removal).
  5. Remove the 7 screws that attach the system board to the chassis.
  6. Remove the board from the chassis.

    system board removal

  7. Remove the processor from the old system board and install it on the new system board.
  8. Remove any of the following installed options on the old system board, and install them on the new system board.
    • Memory modules

  9. Ensure that the new system board jumper settings match the old system board jumper settings.

Asset EEPROM backup

When replacing a system board, this utility allows the backup of all Asset information from the EEPROM to diskette. This utility also restores data to the EEPROM from diskette after replacement of the system board.

To run this utility, use the following procedure.

  • Select Utility
  • Select Asset EEPROM Backup
  • Follow instructions on screen.

BIOS levels

An incorrect level of BIOS can cause false error and unnecessary FRU replacement. Use the following information to determine the current level of BIOS installed in the computer, the latest BIOS available for the computer, and where to obtain the latest level of BIOS.

  • Current Level BIOS information.
    • Run the Configuration Utility to determine the level of BIOS installed.

  • Sources for determining the latest level BIOS available.
    1. IBM PC Company Home Page
    2. PC PartnerInfo-Technical Database (CTSTIPS.NSF)
    3. IBM Support Center
    4. Levels 1 and 2 Support
    5. RETAIN

  • Sources for obtaining the latest level BIOS available
    1. IBM PC Company Home Page
    2. PC PartnerInfo-Technical Database (CTSTIPS.NSF)
    3. IBM Support Center
    4. Levels 1 and 2 Support

Vital product data

Each computer has a unique Vital Product Data (VPD) code stored in the nonvolatile memory on the system board. After you replace the system board, the VPD must be updated. To update the VPD, see Flash (BIOS/VPD) update procedure.

Flash (BIOS/VPD) update procedure

Note: Refer to the information label located inside the system unit cover for any model-specific information.

  1. Power-off the computer.
  2. Insert the flash update diskette into drive A.
  3. Power-on the computer.
  4. When the Update Utility appears; select the country/keyboard, then press Enter.
  5. If the computer serial number was previously recorded, the number is displayed with an option to update it. Press Y to update the serial number.
  6. Type the 7-digit serial number of the computer you are servicing, then press Enter.
  7. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the flash (BIOS/VPD) update procedure.

PCI extender card removal
  1. Remove the cover.
  2. Remove the machine chassis foot that is in front of the extender card.
  3. Remove the 2 screws that hold the PCI extender card in place.
  4. Pull the card down (not out) firmly on both sides until it detaches from the system board.
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