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ThinkPad 8x-3x DVD Ultrabay 2000 Drive - Overview
Features and specifications

The ThinkPad 8X-3X DVD Ultrabay 2000 Drive offers:

  • High capacity, leading-edge DVD technology for DVD video and audio playback after installation of included DVD navigator software
  • Read DVD and DVD-RAM media at data transfer rate speeds up to 8X (10.8 MB/sec)
  • Read CD-ROM, CD-R, and CD-RW media at data transfer rate speeds up to 24X (3.6 MB/sec)
  • CD audio music playback
  • Data capacity of 4.7GB single layer, 8.5GB dual layer, 17GB dual layer/dual sided


1 year Limited – customer carry-in exchange

  • Announce date: 11 Sep 2000 (Worldwide)
  • Planned availability date: 22 Sep 2000 (Worldwide)

Hardware compatibility
DescriptionMachine TypeModel
ThinkPad A Series2628, 2629, 2633All
ThinkPad T Series2647, 2648All
ThinkPad X Series2660, 2661, 2662All *
ThinkPad A Series2655, 2652, 2653All
ThinkPad T Series2366All
ThinkPad R Series2656, 2657, 2658, 2659All
ThinkPad X Series2672All

* Requires UltraBase X2 Media Slice

The 8X-3X DVD option is supported on other currently marketed ThinkPads with the 19K4480 Portable Drive Bay 2000. This option is also supported in the bay of the ThinkPad Dock (machine type 2631).

Software requirements

The ThinkPad 8X-3X DVD Ultrabay 2000 Drive is compatible with:

  • Microsoft Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows NT 4.0
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows ME
  • Windows XP

Note: Some configurations may not be compatible.

  • DVD Drive
  • Carrying Case
  • DVD Navigator movie playback software
  • Publication

Agency approvals

Additional product information
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