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V.90 Low Profile PCI Modem - Overview

General information

The V.90 Low Profile PCI Modem offers high-speed remote access, Internet access, and fax capability. It is an industry-standard data/fax modem that contains both a low-profile bracket (default) and a full-size PCI bracket.

Device driver software is included with this option.

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The V.90 Low Profile PCI Modem is a V.90 Data/Fax Modem in a one half-high PCI form factor. The following are included with the modem:

  • Low-profile bracket and full-size PCI bracket
  • Device driver software
  • 1 Year Limited - Customer carry-in exchange

You will receive one box containing the following items:
  • V.90 Low Profile PCI Modem
  • Installation CD
  • Publications
Product marketing and replacement part numbers (FRU)
Part numbers applicable to: Canada, United States, Japan
  • Marketing part number:19K4162
  • Replacement part numbers (FRU):19K4163
  • V.90 Low Profile PCI Modem
Product dates
Canada, United States, Japan
  • Announce date: 25 Jul 2000
  • Planned availability date: 25 Aug 2000
  • Withdrawal date: 26 Aug 2003
Technical specifications
Performance specifications as known at time of announcement
V.90 Low Profile PCI Modem
  • Bus Type: PCI 2.2 (must also work in PCI 2.1 bus systems)
  • Physical Dimensions: PCI half-size-card form factor
  • Conventional or Silicon Data Access Arrangement (DAA)
  • RJ11 telephone line connection at card bracket
  • RJ11 telephone/handset connection at card bracket
CONNECTOR LABELING: All connectors shall be appropriately labeled with connector name, setup, configurations, and connector orientation as applicable.

Physical, environmental, and compatibility specifications as known at time of announcement
  • 3.1 inches
  • 80 mm
  • 5.2 inches
  • 133 mm
  • 0.8 inches
  • 20 mm
Operating temperature
  • between 0 degrees Celsius and 70 degrees Celsius
  • between 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 155 Fahrenheit
  • Card Ambient Temperature: 0 deg Celsius to 45 deg Celsius
  • System Ambient Temperature: 10 deg Celsius to 40 deg Celsius
  • Shipping and Storage Temperature: -40 deg Celsius to 65 deg Celsius
Relative humidity
  • operating: between 8% and 80% (non-condensing)
  • 0 to 7000 feet
Agency approvals
  • FCC Class B, Part 15 & 68
  • CE Mark
  • FCC and Canadian IC certification will be required
  • CTR21
  • VCCI
Hardware requirements

The V.90 Low Profile PCI Modem is supported on the following Platforms:
  • NetVista X40i
  • NetVista X40
  • NetVista S40p
  • NetVista A40p
  • NetVista A20
  • PC 300
  • PC 300GL
  • PC 300PL
Note: The V.90 Low Profile PCI Modem is supported on systems with Bus Type PCI 2.2 (may also work in PCI 2 bus systems)

Software requirements
  • Microsoft Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows 95
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
Note: Device driver software is included with the product.


Some configurations may not be supported.

  • 16550 UART or equivalent
  • V.250-compatible command set (AT commands)
  • Support for Microsoft Plug and Play
  • Support for Microsoft ACPI revision 1.1 or later power management
  • Support for Microsoft advanced power management (APM)
  • PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specification, Revision 1.1 or later
  • Auto dial/auto answer
  • Pulse and touch-tone dialing
  • Half and full-duplex
  • Hayes autosync capability
  • Wake Up on Ring support
  • Protective shield for areas on modem that may contain ring voltages
Installation time
  • Approximately 15 minutes.

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