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Function (Fn) key combinations - ThinkPad A21e (2655), T2*

The Fn key function enables you to change operational features instantly. To use this function, press and hold the Fn key; then press a function key (F1 to F12, PgUp, Home, or End).

The following table shows the function of each combination of Fn with a function key. The Fn key works independently from the operating system.

Key combinationDescription
Fn + F1Reserved.
Fn + F2Reserved.
Fn + F3Turn off the computer display, leaving the screen blank. To turn the computer display on again, press any key or press the TrackPoint pointer. Also the computer display is turned on if the ac adapter is attached to or detached from the computer.
Fn + F4

Put your computer in standby mode. To return to normal operation, press the Fn key independently, without pressing a function key.

Note:: This mode is called suspend mode in Microsoft Windows(R) 95 and Microsoft Windows NT(R). In Microsoft Windows 2000, this combination of buttons functions as a sleep button. You can change the settings so that pressing it puts the computer into hibernation mode or even shut the computer down.

Fn + F5Reserved.
Fn + F6Reserved.
Fn + F7

Display output on the computer display, an attached external monitor, or both. Pressing this combination causes the display to go from the computer display to the external monitor, then to both together, and then to the computer display again:
- External monitor (CRT display)
- Computer display and external monitor (LCD + CRT display)
- Computer display (LCD)

Note:: This function is not supported when different desktop images are displayed on the computer display and the external monitor, or in certain cases in which the same desktop images are displayed on both screens, but the refresh rates of the screens are controlled separately by the system.

Fn + F8

Switch the computer screen size between expanded and normal mode if your computer display image is smaller than the physical display.

Note:: This function is not supported in Windows 2000 and Microsoft Windows XP.

Fn + F9Reserved.
Fn + F10Reserved.
Fn + F11Reserved.
Fn + F12

Put your computer into hibernation mode. To return to normal operation, press the power button for less than four seconds.

Note:: To use Fn+F12 for hibernation in Windows 2000 and Windows XP, you must have PM device driver installed on your computer.

Fn + PgUp

Turn the ThinkLight on or off.

Note:: The status of the ThinkLight, on or off, is shown on the screen for a few seconds when you press Fn + PgUp.

Fn + HomeThe LCD becomes brighter.
Fn + EndThe LCD becomes less bright.

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