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International ISDN PC Card - Overview
  • Files (System Soft diagnostics- Microsoft Windows NT 4.0)
  • Files (Microsoft Windows XP with Remote Unattended Installation support.
  • Files (Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0)
  • Files (Microsoft Windows 9x and Millennium Edition)
  • Service parts
  • Publications

At a glance

The International ISDN PC Card is a credit-card-sized passive PC card with an S/T interface that connects to the ISDN basic rate interface. The kit features a full-function ISDN adapter, instructions, and software. The controller is integrated in the PC automatically, thus eliminating the need to configure interrupts or the I/O address. Its thin format and low power consumption make it convenient to use in laptop and notebook computers.
Both ISDN B channels provide data and voice transmission at 64 Kbps. The D channel provides signalling functions at 16 Kbps. The PC Card includes driver software for the international D channel protocol DSS (Euro-ISDN) and the national ISDN protocols 5ESS and National ISDN 1. Also included is an external line interface cable that connects the controller to ISDN.


  • Full-function ISDN card for laptop systems with PCMCIA card slot type II or III
  • High-speed 128K communication
  • CAPI 2.0 support
  • Two B channels at 64 Kbps each and one D channel at 16 Kbps
  • Support for B channel protocols including common data communications
  • x.75 and HDLC transparent
  • Support for D channel protocols including DSS1, 5ESS, and NI-1

2 year limited - customer carry-in exchange

This product replaces

ISDN International PC Card Modem with GSM
You will receive one box containing the following items:
  • International ISDN PC Card
  • ISDN Cable
  • CD
  • Publications
Product marketing and replacement part numbers (FRU)

Europe/Middle East/Africa
  • Marketing part number: 09N3606
  • Adapter replacement part number (FRU): 09N3607
  • Cable replacement part number (FRU): 09N9823
Product dates

Europe/Middle East/Africa
  • Announce date: 05/02/2000
  • Planned availability date: May 2000

Technical specifications
Performance specifications as known at time of announcement
This adapter supports data transfer at 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps, depending on the hub or switch it connects into.
Data protocols:

  • PPP
  • Multilink PPP
  • SLIP
  • HDLC transparent
  • X.25
  • X.31 case a and b
  • X.75
  • V.110
  • V.120
  • T.30
  • T.70
  • T.90
  • Fax G3/G4
  • V.32bis
  • ISO 8208 (X.25 DTE - DTE)
Switch support:
  • Euro ISDN/DSS1
  • NI-1
  • AT&T 5ESS
A PI requirements:
  • CAPI 2.0
Fax protocols:
  • ITU-T transmissions: V.17, V.29, V.27ter
  • Hayes AT command set when cFos or CAPI Port drivers installed
  • Auto dial, auto answer
  • Auto call detection
  • Windows 95 Plug and Play compatible
Physical, environmental, and compatibility specifications as known at time of announcement

  • 3.37 inches
  • 85.6 mm
  • 2.3 inches
  • 54.0 mm
  • .20 inches
  • 5.0 mm
Operating temperature
  • between 0 degrees Celsius and 70 degrees Celsius
Agency Approvals
  • CE Mark
  • EN41003


Hardware requirements
The International ISDN PC Card is supported on systems with PCMCIA type II or III slots. These systems should have Pentium 133MHz, or higher, processors.
Supported Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT 4.0
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 95
Some configurations may not be supported.

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