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3Com Fast Etherlink XL PCI 10/100Mbps Ethernet Network Interface Card - Overview

At a glance
The 3Com 3C905C-TX Fast Etherlink XL PCI 10/100Mbps Ethernet Network Interface Card offers:

  • New Remote System Alert Support: Allows the NIC or ASIC to continuously monitor the PC, tracking events such as environmental problems, boot failures, tampering or theft and transmitting a remote system alert to a network management console to proactively notify IS departments of system problems.
  • Remote Wake Up: Remote power-on enables after-hours administration without traveling to each desktop.
  • New PCI 2.2 Compliance: PCI 2.2 adds the Remote Wake Up (RWU) support to the PCI bus, eliminating the need for a separate cable.
  • New Network Keepalives: Makes Remote Wake Up more reliable by resolving end station address aging issues in routers and switches which can prevent a sleeping end station from being accessible to remote management applications.
  • Improved DMI 2.0 Support: Enables PC asset management and diagnostics via standard DMI browsers with 3Com DMI extensions for remote configuration of desktop management features.
  • ACPI compliance: Reduces power consumption and enables Remote Wake Up.
  • WfM Support: Support for Wired for Management 1.1a, flash upgradeable to WfM 2.0.
  • New Automatic power-up configuration: The NIC or ASIC is configured independently of the BIOS or OS operation, which allows it to function reliably in situations where the main CPU, BIOS or OS is unavailable or unable to run, such as before initial power up, after a power failure, or at a system failure.
  • Intelligence: DynamicAccess technology adds intelligence to NICs to optimize overall network performance, control, and management. Traffic Prioritization: standards-based solution preventing delays in transmission of critical data. DRMON Smart Agent: advanced network management and RMON reporting, even in switched networks. Flow Control: efficient data transfer in switched networks.
  • Performance: Parallel Tasking II performance delivers the industry's best performance and the lowest CPU utilization.
  • Industry leading reliability and compatibility: Trouble-free operation
  • Standards-based solutions: The 3C905C-TX and the 3C920 ASIC support a broad range of Pre-OS Boot protocols, as well as the emerging standard for remote system alerts (PETF), making these products the choice for OEMs seeking to implement standards-based solutions.
  • Compliance with key industry standards and initiatives: The 3C905C-TX NIC and the 3C920 ASIC include support for PCI 2.2, PC99, DMI 2.0, ACPI and Wired for Management.

Product not warranted. Warranty is provided by the original manufacturer

You will receive one box containing the following items:

  • Bulk packaged 100 Units/Container

Product marketing and FRU part number(s)
Part numbers applicable to: Asia Pacific, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Latin America, United States

  • Marketing part number: 01N0533
  • FRU part number: 01N0535

This specific part is not currently supported in the following countries Taiwan, Peoples Republic of China, Korea, Russia, Israel, India, Poland, South Africa, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Argentina, Mexico, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Australia, New Zealand, Slovenia, Ukraine and Yugoslavia.

Additional part numbers

Associated part(s)

  • Marketing part number:
  • FRU part number: 08L2559
  • Applicable location(s): Asia Pacific, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Latin America, United States

Product dates
Asia Pacific, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Latin America, United States

  • Announce date: 7/02/1999
  • Planned availability date: 7/02/1999

Technical specifications

Performance specifications as known at time of announcement
Power requirements

  • +5V +/- 5% at 375 mA max
  • +3.3V +/- 5% at 375 mA max
  • +3.3V at 20 mA max in sleep state with RWU disabled
  • +5V Aux for RWU supplied with 3-pin RWU connector and cable
  • +3.3V Aux for RWU supplied by PCI 2.2-compliant PCI bus

Cabling requirements

  • Category 5 Twisted Pair (RJ-45 Ethernet)

Maximum recommended network segment

  • 10Base-T - 328ft/100m
  • 100Base-TX - 328ft/100m

Physical, environmental, and compatibility specifications as known at time of announcement


  • 5.85 inches
  • 14.86 cm


  • 3.0 inches
  • 7.62 cm


  • * inches
  • mm

Operating temperature

  • Between 0 degrees Celcius and 70 degrees Celcius
  • Between 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 158 degrees Fahrenheit

Relative humidity

  • Operating: between 10% and 90%


  • 9,800ft/3000m

Hardware requirements
3Com XL PCI Network Interface Cards are 3Com guaranteed to be compatible with server, workstation or PC with an industry standard 2.2 compliant PCI slot.

Note: For the latest updates on the compatible systems, please refer to the Accessories Compatibility Guide.


Some configurations may not be supported.

Supported software

Available software drivers:

  • Novell NetWare Client, DOS ODI, OS/2 ODI, ODI32, Novell NetWare 3.x and 4.x server drivers
  • Packet Driver, NDIS 2.01, NDIS 3, NDIS 4, DOS
  • Microsoft Windows 3.x, Microsoft Windows for Workgroups, Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows NT 3.5x and 4.0
  • Banyan VINES Server
  • SunSoft Solaris.

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