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3Com Megahertz 10/100 LAN CardBus PC Card - Overview

At a glance
Enjoy one of the world's fastest 10/100 network connections with a 3Com Megahertz® 10/100 LAN CardBus PC Card. Unleash Fast Ethernet's true 100 Mbps capabilities with this PC Card and a notebook PC with 32-bit CardBus slots. Using patented 3Com Parallel Tasking® Technology and Parallel Tasking Technology II, this card out performs other Fast Ethernet CardBus PC Cards, saving valuable time for both mobile users and network managers.


  • 32-Bit CardBus Architecture
  • Parallel Tasking® Technology
  • Parallel Tasking Technology II (Lowers CPU utilization and speeds performance)
  • Full Duplex Operation (Increases your PC Cards throughput by simultaneously sending and receiving data.)
  • Nway 10/100 Auto-Negotiation (Automatically configures your 10/100 LAN PC Card for either 10 or 100 Mbps operation.)
  • 3Com tested for compatibility in all notebook PC's that meet the industry Type II PC Card CardBus standard.
  • Intelligent Auto Install (Installs your PC Card and network drivers in a matter of minutes.)
  • DynamicAccess® Software Support (Makes your 10/100 LAN PC Card an active part of the network for better network performance and easier management.)
  • Transcend® SmartAgent® Software (Brings simple SNMP management to the desktop level.)
  • Low power consumption (Extends the time between battery charges and delivers cool, reliable notebook operation.)
  • Hot Swapping (Switch PC Cards without rebooting or exiting Windows.)

This product is not warranted. Warranty is provided by the original manufacturer.

You will receive one box containing the following items:

  • Adapter
  • User's Guide
  • Cable
  • Installation diskette

Marketing and FRU part numbers

  • Marketing part number -> 01N0506
  • FRU part number -> 01N0508
  • This specific product is not currently supported in the following countries: Japan (different P/N), Taiwan, Peoples Republic of China, Korea, or Russia.

Product dates


  • Announce date-> 5/18/1999
  • Planned availability Date-> 5/18/1999

Technical specifications

Physical, environmental, and compatibility specifications as known at time of announcement:


  • 3.37 inches
  • 85.6 mm


  • 2.23 inches
  • 54.0 mm


  • 0.20 inches
  • 50.0 mm

Operating temperature

  • Between 0 degrees Celcius and 70 degrees Celcius
  • Between 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 158 degrees Fahrenheit

Relative humidity

  • Operating: between 10% and 90% (non-condensing)


  • Up to 3,000M / 9,800ft

Hardware requirements

  • Type II CardBus PC Card Slot


3Com tested to be compatible with the leading operating systems and notebooks that are compliant with the Type II PC Card 32-bit CardBus industry standard.

Supported software

  • Available Software Drivers:
  • DOS ODI (16-bit client)
  • NDIS 2.01 for DOS 5.0 or later
  • LAN Manager
  • LAN Server
  • Banyan VINES
  • LANtastic
  • Microsoft Windows for workgroups 3.11
  • NDIS 3.1 for Windows 95
  • Windows NT 3.5.1 (with Service Pack 5)
  • NDIS 4.0 for Windows 95 OSR2 (version 4.00.950.B)
  • Windows NT 4.0 (with Service Pack 3) Diagnostics software for Windows and DOS

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