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Front view - ThinkPad 240, 240X

front view
Index NameDescription
LCD latchesThe LCD latches release the LCD when pressed and allow it to be opened.
LCD screen displaysThe color LCD screen displays computer output.
Indicator panelThe indicator panel consists of the system-status indicators and their associated symbols.
External-input-device connectorThe external-input-device connector is used to attach a mouse, external keyboard, or external numeric keypad to the computer.
5 Ventilation slotsThe ventilation slots allow air to flow over the CPU and other internal components. Do not allow the ventilation slots to be covered or the internal components may become overheated.
6 Universal Serial BusThe universal serial bus (USB) allows you to connect any device that conforms to the USB standard.
7 Infrared portThe infrared port allows the computer to communicate with other devices that have infrared data-transfer capability.
8 Hard disk driveThe hard disk drive is the built-in mass storage device for the computer.
9 TrackPoint buttonsThe TrackPoint buttons work with the TrackPoint 12 and function similar to the buttons on a mouse.
10 SpeakerThe built-in speaker generates sound.
11 FnThe Fn key is used with the function keys to activate the Fn key functions.
12 TrackPointThe TrackPoint is a built-in pointing device that provides a function similar to that of a mouse.
13 Power switchThe power switch turns the computer on and off.
14 MicrophoneThe built-in microphone captures sound and voice when it is used with an application program capable of handling audio.
15 Battery status lampThe battery status lamp shows the status of the battery pack.
Suspend lampThe suspend lamp lights when the computer is in suspend mode.

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