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32MB 100MHz Non-Parity SDRAM DIMM
ThinkPad 100MHz SDRAM SoDIMM Memory
ThinkPad 100MHz SDRAM SoDIMM Memory
64MB 800MHz ECC 4D RDRAM RIMM Memory
64MB 133MHz Non-Parity SDRAM Unbuffered DIMM Upgrade
64MB 133MHz ECC SDRAM Unbuffered DIMM Upgrade
64MB 133MHz Non-Parity SDRAM UDIMM Memory
64MB PC800 2D ECC RDRAM RIMM {288Mb} Memory Upgrade
64MB PC133 Non-Parity SDRAM SODIMM Memory
64MB PC133 CL2 Non-Parity SDRAM UDIMM

Product descriptionMarketing part numberField replacement unit (FRU) part number
32MB P SIMM (8MX36) 70ns (72-Pin)92G720573G3235
32MB P SIMM (8MX36) 70ns (72-Pin)92G720673G3135
32MB EOS (8MX39) 70ns (72-Pin)92G721073G3136
32MB 8-byte DIMM (4MX72) 70ns 5V P (168-Pin)92G721392G7429
32MB (2x16MB SIMMs) 60ns Non-Parity 5V Tin-Lead Kit (72-Pin)92G733242H2777
32MB (2x16MB SIMMS) 70ns Non-Parity 5V Kit92G735407H1448
64MB EDO DIMM ECC 3.3V 168-Pin Au Unbuffered76H028042H2829
64MB SODimm 66Mhz SDRAM 3.3V Memory76H029520L0242
128MB 100MHz ECC SDRAM RDIMM20L025601K1156
512MB100MHz ECC SDRAM RDIMM20L025701K1157

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Learn - How to use marketing part numbers or field replacement unit (FRU) part numbers when placing an order

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