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USB port removal - NetVista 2259, 6049
  1. Remove the dust cover from the COM port as shown in the figure.
    remove dust covers from com ports
  2. The figure shows the system board inside the case.
    inside of system
  3. Remove the AGP card from the expansion slot.
    remove agp card
  4. Remove one screw from the USB bracket using a screwdriver.
    remove screw from usb bracket
  5. Then, loosen the screw on the other side.
  6. Place the USB cable behind the port.
    place usb cable behind port
  7. Attach the bracket and USB cable to the USB port. Make sure the cable is installed in the proper direction.
  8. Using the screwdriver, gently tighten the screws.
    tighten the screws
  9. Following the same procedure in steps 7 and 8, attach the other USB cable to the USB port and gently tighten the screws.
    attach the second usb cable
  10. Locate the USB2 header on the system board.
    locate the usb2 header
  11. Connect the USB connector into the USB2 header of the system board. The connector is keyed (Pin 9) so that it can only be installed correctly on the header.
    connect the usb cable to the header
  12. The USB should look like this after it is connected.
    usb cable should look like this
  13. To reduce unnecessary tangles, place the cables beside the slots as shown in the figure.
    route the cable to avoid tangles
  14. Install the AGP card back to the expansion slot. Route the USB cables below the AGP card.
    reinstall the agp card
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