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Battery removal and installation - NetVista 6826, 8317, 8318, 8319

Battery installation

The battery normally requires no charging or maintenance throughout its life; however, no battery lasts forever. If the battery fails, the date, time, and configuration information (including passwords) are lost. An error message is displayed when you turn on the computer.

Refer to the Safety information for information about disposing of the battery.

  1. See Identifying parts on the system board and locate the battery.
  2. Remove the PCI riser and any cables that impede access to the battery.
  3. Remove the old battery.

    removing the old battery

  4. Install the new battery.

    installing the new battery

  5. Reconnect any cables that were disconnected. Slide the drive tray back into the computer, making sure both side tabs lock.
  6. Install the PCI riser and adapters if removed.
  7. Replace the cover, and connect the cables. See Replacing the cover and connecting the cables.

    Note: When the computer is turned on for the first time after battery replacement, an error message might be displayed. This is normal after replacing the battery.

  8. Turn on the computer and all attached devices.
  9. Use the IBM Setup Utility program to set the date and time and any passwords.
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