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Recovery CD service parts - ThinkPad X30
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Attention: CDs for certain operating systems are no longer available: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows 98SE, and Microsoft Windows NT.

Note: All Field Replacement Unit (FRU) part numbers listed in this table are Customer Replaceable Units (CRU).

AP English
Chinese, Simplified
Chinese, Traditional (Hong Kong S.A.R.)
Chinese, Traditional
English (UK)
English (US)

Region/operating systemService part number (FRU)Machine type and models
AP EnglishType 2672Type 2673
Microsoft Windows XP Home01R619933H, 43H, 4CH, 4JH 
ArabicType 2672Type 2673
Microsoft Windows 200001R549341G, 4AG, 4GG 
Microsoft Windows XP Pro01R555342G, 4BG, 4HG, 4XG42G, 4BG
Chinese, SimplifiedType 2672Type 2673
Windows 200067P46094NC, 4RC 
Windows XP Home67P46103KC, 4QC, 4TC, 4WC 
Windows XP Pro67P461142C, 4BC, 4PC, 4SC, 4VC, 4XC42C, 4BC
Chinese, Traditional (Hong Kong S.A.R.)Type 2672Type 2673
Windows 200067P461241B 
Windows XP Home67P461333b 
Windows XP Pro67P461442B, 4BB, 4XB42B, 4BB
Chinese, TraditionalType 2672Type 2673
Windows XP Home67P460743T, 4QT, 4JT, 33T, 7MT 
Windows XP Pro67P460832T, 36T, 42T, 45T, 46T, 4BT, 4ET, 4HT, 4VT42T, 4BT
CzechType 2672Type 2673
Windows 200001R549441G, 4AG, 4GG 
Windows XP Pro01R555442G, 4BG, 4HG, 4XG42G, 4BG
DanishType 2672Type 2673
Windows 200001R548441G, 4AG, 4GG 
Windows XP Pro01R554442G, 4BG, 4HG, 4XG42G, 4BG
Dutch (Netherlands)Type 2672Type 2673
Windows 200001R549141G, 4AG, 4GG 
Windows XP Pro01R555142G, 4BG, 4HG, 4XG42G, 4BG
English (UK)Type 2672Type 2673
Windows 200001R548241G, 4AG, 4GG 
Windows XP Pro01R554242G, 4BG, 4HG, 4XG42G, 4BG
English (US)Type 2672Type 2673
Windows 200001R619311U, 1AU, 31A, 41A, 41G, 41H, 41M, 41U, 4AA, 4AG, 4AH, 4AM, 4AU, 4GA, 4GG, 4GM, 4GU 
Windows XP Pro01R619612U, 1BU, 32A, 32H, 42U, 4BU, 4HU,4XU 42A, 4BA, 4HA, 45A, 4EA, 42H, 4BH, 4XH, 4HH, 42M, 4BM, 4XM, 4HM, 45M, 4EM, 42E, 4BE, 4XE, 42G, 4BG, 4XG, 4HG42U, 4BU, 42A, 4BA, 42H, 4BH, 42M, 4BM, 42G 4BG, 42E, 4BE
FinnishType 2672Type 2673
Windows 200001R549041G, 4AG, 4GG 
Windows XP Pro01R555042G, 4BG, 4HG, 4XG42G, 4BG
FrenchType 2672Type 2673
Windows 200001R548511F, 1AF, 41F, 41G, 4AF, 4AG, 4GF, 4GG 
Windows XP Pro01R554542G, 4BG, 4XG, 4HG, 42F, 4BF, 4XF, 4HF, 12F, 1BF42G, 4BG, 42F, 4BF
GermanType 2672Type 2673
Windows 200001R548641G, 4AG, 4GG 
Windows XP Pro01R554642G, 4BG, 4HG, 4XG42G, 4BG
GreekType 2672Type 2673
Windows 200001R549841G, 4AG, 4GG 
Windows XP Pro01R555842G, 4BG, 4HG, 4XG42G, 4BG
HebrewType 2672Type 2673
Windows 200001R549541G, 4AG, 4GG 
Windows XP Pro01R555542G, 4BG, 4HG, 4XG42G, 4BG
HungarianType 2672Type 2673
Windows 200001R549941G, 4AG, 4GG 
Windows XP Pro01R555942G, 4BG, 4HG, 4XG42G, 4BG
ItalianType 2672Type 2673
Windows 200001R548941G, 4AG, 4GG 
Windows XP Pro01R554942G, 4BG, 4HG, 4XG42G, 4BG
JapaneseType 2672Type 2673
Windows 200001R6865
41J, 4AJ, 11J, 1AJ 
Windows XP Pro62P890142J, 4BJ, 4XJ, 45J, 4EJ, 12J, 1BJ, 4HJ42J, 4BJ
NorwegianType 2672Type 2673
Windows 200001R549241G, 4AG, 4GG 
Windows XP Pro01R555242G, 4BG, 4HG, 4XG42G, 4BG
PolishType 2672Type 2673
Windows 200001R549641G, 4AG, 4GG 
Windows XP Pro01R555642G, 4BG, 4HG, 4XG42G, 4BG
Portuguese (Brazilian)Type 2672Type 2673
Windows 200001R548341P, 4AP, 4GP 
Windows XP Pro01R554342P, 4BP, 4HP42P, 4BP
RussianType 2672Type 2673
Windows 200001R550041G, 4AG, 4GG 
Windows XP Pro01R556042G, 4BG, 4HG, 4XG42G, 4BG
SpanishType 2672Type 2673
Windows 2000015R48741G, 41S, 41X, 4AG, 4AS, 4AX 4GG, 4GS, 4GX 
Windows XP Pro01R554742G, 4BG, 4XG, 4HG, 42X, 4BX, 4HX, 42S, 4BS, 4HS42G, 4BG, 42X, 4BX, 42S, 4BS
SwedishType 2672Type 2673
Windows 200001R548841G, 4AG, 4GG 
Windows XP Pro01R554842G, 4BG, 4HG, 4XG42G, 4BG
TurkishType 2672Type 2673
Windows 200001R549741G, 4AG, 4GG 
Windows XP Pro01R555742G, 4BG, 4HG, 4XG42G, 4BG
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