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Accessing the system board - NetVista 6290

Use this procedure to gain access to components on the system board such as
memory DIMMs, the battery and the Clear CMOS/BIOS recovery jumper. You can
also use this procedure to learn how to remove drives when updating to different
or higher capacity drives.

  1. Turn off the computer and all attached devices.
  2. Unplug the power cord and remove the cover. See Cover removal.
  3. Remove the PCI riser. Do not remove any installed adapters from the riser.

    6290 removing the riser diagram

  4. Remove the three screws holding the hard disk drive tray.

    6290 removing hard diskdrive screws

  5. Unplug the flat cable attached to the small circuit board at the front.

    6290 remove hard disk drive cable

  6. Remove the two screws holding the CD and diskette drive tray.

    6290 removing cd drive screws

  7. Due to cable length limitations, both drive trays must slide outward together.
    Slide both drive trays out far enough to access the system board. This might
    require disconnecting cables that are connected to the drives and to the system board.
    Note where the cables are connected before disconnecting them.

    6290 removing cd drive diagram

    6290 removing hard disk drive diagram
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