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Locations overview movie - ThinkPad R30, R31
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  • The ThinkPad R30 and R31 systems support the ThinkPad Port Replicator, but the ThinkPad Dock is not supported.
  • Features will vary between models. Some examples are:
    • There are various size displays
    • Not all models ship with DVD drives or have 1394 ports
    • Other feature differences are possible
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Located on the front of the ThinkPad are:

  • The display
  • The ThinkLight
  • These activity lights:
    • Hard disk drive
    • Num lock
    • Caps lock
    • Scroll lock
    • Power on
    • Battery
    • Standby
  • These buttons across the top of the keyboard bezel:
    • ThinkPad
    • Volume-up
    • Volume-down
    • Mute
  • The power switch
  • The TrackPoint pointing stick
  • The TrackPoint buttons
  • The cover latches
  • The IR port
  • The speakers
  • The battery indicator, and
  • The standby indicator

Located on the right side of the ThinkPad are:

  • The Ultrabay Plus, which has a DVD drive, and
  • The Ultrabay Plus ejection handle

Located on the back of the ThinkPad are these ports:

  • Security keyhole Power
  • Parallel
  • Video
  • Modem
  • Ethernet
  • USB, and
  • Video-out

Located on the left side of the ThinkPad are:

  • The PC card slot that supports Type II and Type III cards, and
  • These I/O ports:
    • IEEE 1394
    • USB
    • Headphone, and
    • Microphone

Located on the bottom of the ThinkPad are the:

  • Security plug
  • Battery pack
  • DIMM slots, and the
  • Mini PCI card slot
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