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Processor module removal - NetVista 6029

Microprocessor removal

  1. To replace the microprocessor on any of the machine types, do the following:
  2. Turn off the computer and peripheral devices and disconnect all external cables and power cords; then, remove the cover. See Removing the cover.
  3. Press down and back on the silver tab holding the fansink in place to release it and pivot the retaining bar off of the fansink notches.
  4. To remove the fansink from the processor, twist the fansink to break the seal formed by the thermal grease and remove.

    Note: If the thermal grease seal cannot be broken, you may want to start up the system to heat the processor and loosen the thermal grease.
    removing processor

  5. Pull out and lift up the processor socket lever arm upward to its maximum vertical position to release the processor.
  6. Lift the processor out of the system board.

Note: When you install the new processor, make sure to reinstall the fansink to insure proper cooling.

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