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System FRU parts list - ThinkPad X24

system parts exploded view

NOTE: Field replaceable unit (FRU) part numbers (P/N) identified in the CRU column with an asterisk are customer replaceable units (CRU).

Index numberDescriptionFRU P/NCRU
1Hinge cover Bluetooth 46L6540  
 Hinge cover 802.11/Non antenna46L6571 
2Keyboard control panel (X24)46L6617 
3 Keyboard FRUSee Keyboard FRU list*
4Keyboard bezel 26P9815  
5Insulation 26P9833 
6Mini PCI combo card Strata (Ethernet/56K modem)06P3809 *
Mini PCI combo cardActiontec (802.11b wireless / 56K modem)12P3657  
Mini PCI modemAmbit08K4853 *
7Modem cable connector assemblyRJ11/RJ4527L0696 
8CardBus slot 04P3180 
9FAN normal voltage type46L6614 
10Speaker 26P9814 
11 PlanarTual 1.06GHZ without Cript Chip with 1394 26P8330 
Tual 1.13GHZ with Cript Chip without 1394 46L6612 
Tual 1.13GHZ without Cript Chip without 1394 46L6611 
Tual 1.13GHZ without Cript Chip with 1394 26P8299 
Tual 1.13GHZ with Cript Chip with 1394 46L6613 
12Compact Flash dummy socket 04P3184*
13Base cover FRUSee Base cover 
14RTC battery assembly 02K6715*
15Hard disk drive (HDD) 30GB 08K9721*
20GB 08K9723*
30GB Hitachi08K9725*
20GB Hitachi 08K9727*
16Memory cover 26P9817*
17BatteryLi-Ion 6 cell Sanyo W/W
Li-Ion 6 cell Panasonic02K6760*
Li-Ion 6 cell Sanyo Japan02K6845*
Li-Ion 6 cell Panasonic Japan 02K6846*
18Screw cap bottom 46L4985*

BDC board

EDC board 26P8181
20IR Sub card26P8168 
 IR / 1394 Sub card 26P8169 
21Gasket Mini-PCI 802.11b combo card 46L4908 
Base cover2660 Antenna model Worldwide46L6596 
2660 Antenna model Korea46L6597 
2660 Antenna model Taiwan46L6599 
2660 Antenna model China46L6598 
2660 Non Antenna model Worldwide46L6600 
2660 Non Antenna model Korea46L6601 
2660 Non Antenna model China46L6602 
2662 802.11bWorldwide46L6603 
2662 BluetoothWorldwide46L6604 
2662 BluetoothTaiwan46P2778 
2662 Antenna model Korea46L6605 
2662 Antenna model China46L6606 
2662 802.11bTaiwan46L6607 
2662 Non Antenna model Worldwide46L6608 
2662 Non Antenna model Korea46L6609 
2662 Non Antenna model China46L6610 
Screw kit2262 (see HMM for details)Worldwide46P2595 

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