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System service parts - ThinkPad R31

Note: If your specific model is not listed, use the Quick path feature on the Personal computing support home page and refer to the product description. Look for the "Based on" model.
R31 exploded view Hinge capKeyboardMiddle cover assemblyKeyboard bezel assembly Cable assembly kitAntenna kitProcessor (CPU)Crypto security cardCDC modem cardFAN assemblyHeatsinkSystem boardPCMCIA slotHard disk driveHDD bezelLower case with labelMemory moduleEthernet and modem combo cardMini PCI / DIMM door kitBattery packSpeaker kitRTC batteryCD-ROM module

R31 model matrix
Series I, II, or IIIMachine typeModels
I265625F/S/P/X, 25U, 26M, 27A/T/H/K, 27G, 28G, 2FG, 2FS/P/X, 31G, 35G, 36G, 3FU, 3PM, 40G, 45J, 47J, 48J, 4PH, 56A/T/C/H/K, 56F, 56U/G, 57G, 57K, 58S/P/X, 5CG, 5DT/C/H, 5PA, 5PM, 5ZG, 63T/H, 65C, 65G, 65H, 65M/A, 65S/P/X, 66J, 66K, 67J, 6FF, 6FG, 6FU, 6GJ, 6GT/C/H/B, 6HJ, 75J, 77U, 7DC, 7FS/P/X, 7GF, 7GU, 7LC, 7LH, 7LK, 7LS/P/X, 88U, 89G, 8FJ, 8FT, 90K, 99U, 9FF, 9FU, A4U, A5S/P/X, A5U, A9G, AAG, AAM, ABG, ABM, ABT, ACG, ADG, ADM, AEU/G, AFG, AFS/P/X, AFU, AGM, AGU, AHG, AJG, AKU, B2G, BBG, BCG, BEU, BFU, BGM, BHG, BIM, BKG, C2G, C3G, C5J, CJU, D5S/P/X, D6A, D6M, D6T/B, D7G, D7K, D8G, D9G, DDG, E4A/T/C/H/K, E4F/S/P/X, E4G/M, E4J, E4U, E5A/T/C/H/K, E5F/S/P/X, E5G/M, E5J, E5U, E6A, E6C, E6M, E6S/P/X, E6U, E7M, E7U, E8J, E8T/H, ECG, EDG, EEA/T/C/H/K, EEF/S/P/X, EEG/M, EEJ, EEU, EFA/T/C/H/K, EFF/S/P/X, EFG/M, EFJ, EFU, EGJ, EHU, EIT/C/H, EKK, F4U, F5U, FEU, FFA/T/C/H, FFF/S/P/X, FFG, FFJ, FFK, FFM, FFU, FGU, GFM, GFS/P/X, GGF, GGU, H4U, H5U, H6U, H7U, H8U, H9U, HEU, HFU, HGU, HHA/T/C/H, HHF/S/P/X, HHG, HHJ, HHK, HHM, HHU, IFF, IFU, J1A/T/C/H/K, J1F/S/P/X, J1G/M, J1J, J1U, J2A/T/C/H/K, J2F/S/P/X, J2G/M, J2J, J2U, K2U, K3U, K4U, K5U, K6U, K7U, K8J, K9J, L4U, M4U, P4A, UN7
265777U, 88U, 99U, E4A/T/C/H/K, E4F/S/P/X, E4G/M, E4J, E4U, E5A/T/C/H/K, E5F/S/P/X, E5G/M, E5J, E5U, F4U, F5U, FEU, FGU, J1A/T/C/H/K, J1F/S/P/X, J1G/M, J1J, J1U, J2A/T/C/H/K, J2F/S/P/X, J2G/M, J2J, J2U, LLA/T/C/H/K, LLF/S/P/X, LLG/M, LLJ, LLU, MMA/T/C/H/K, MMF/S/P/X, MMG/M, MMJ, MMU
2676E4A/T/C/H/K, E4F/S/P/X, E4G/M, E4J, E4U, E5A/T/C/H/K, E5F/S/P/X, E5F/S/P/X, E5G/M, E5J, E5U, J1A/T/C/H/K, J1G/M, J1J, J1U, J2A/T/C/H/K, J2F/S/P/X, J2G/M, J2J, J2U, FU3, FU4
II26561Ax, 1BU , 1Bx, 1Cx, 1Dx, 1EA, 1EB, 1EH, 1EM, 1Fx, 1Gx, 1HK, 1HT, 1Ix, 1Jx, 1Kx, 1Lx, 1Mx, 1Ox, 1Px, 1RJ, 1SJ, 2Cx, 2Ex, 2Gx, 2HC, 2Hx, 2Jx, 2Kx, 2Lx, 2Mx, 2Nx, 2Px, 2Vx, 37x, 38x, 3Ax, 3CG, 3Cx, 4CG, GAJ, KCU, KDU, KEU, KFU, Mxx
III26561Ax, 1Bx, 1Cx, 1Dx, 1EA, 1EB, 1EH, 1EM, 1Fx, 1Gx, 1HK, 1HT, 1Ix, 1Jx, 1Kx, 1Lx, 1Mx, 1Ox, 1Px, 2Cx, 2Ex, 2Gx, 2HC, 2Hx, 2Jx, 2Kx, 2Lx, 2Mx, 2Nx, 2Px, 2Vx, 37x, 38x, 3Ax, 3CG, 3Cx, 4CG, GAJ, K1B, K1C, K1H, KAK, KAM, KAT, KBA, KBK, KCU, KDU, KEU, KFU, KGK, KGM, KGT, KJJ, KMB, KMC, KMH, L3x, L4x, L5x, L6x, M1x, M2x, M3G, M3x, M4x, M5x, M6x, MLG, MLM, N2x, N5x, NEx, NHx, NXx, NYx, PYx, R2x, R3x, R5x, R6x, R9G, T2J, T4J, T9G, TAP, TAS, TAU, TAX, TBP, TBS, TBU, TBX

Note: Field Replacement Units (FRU) that are identified in the CRU column by 1 or 2 are Customer Replaceable Units.

  • Each FRU is available for all types or model, unless specific types or models are specified.
  • A CRU (Customer Replaceable Units) is identified 1 or 2 in the CRU ID column. 1 means that the part is a Tier 1 CRU; 2 means that the part is a Tier 2 CRU. An N in the CRU ID column means that the part is not a CRU.
    • Tier 1 CRU:
      • No tools required.
      • A coin or a thumb screw is acceptable.
      • Minimal technical expertise is required.
      • Minimal problem determination is required-less than 5 minutes.
    • Tier 2 CRU:
      • Up to 4 screws or fasteners have to be removed.
      • Some technical experience is required.
      • IBM Support Center assistance may be used.
      • Problem determination can be done by customer, either on site or with IBM Support Center assistance.

IndexDescriptionPart number CRU
1Hinge Cap
All models26P97221
All models Click here for the keyboard FRU list1
3Middle cover assembly worldwide (WW)
All models 26P97271
4Keyboard bezel assembly WW
All models46L6378N
5Cable assembly kit, RJ11 and lid switch
RJ11 cable for CDC board model
RJ11 cable Mini PCI combo board model
Lid switch cable
6Antenna kit 13.3inch
Antenna Aux
Antenna LCD
Antenna kit 14.1inch
Antenna Aux
Antenna LCD
Cel 1066MHz26P8155N        
Cel 1133MHz 26P8156
Cel 1200MHz 26P8157
Cel 1.33GHz 26P8158
PIII 1.00GHZ26P8359
PIII 1.06GHZ26P8283
PIII 1.13GHZ26P8284
PIII 1.20GHZ26P8285
PIII 1.266GHz 26P8363
8Crypto card
All models26P8084N
9CDC modem card
All models26P8256N
10FAN assembly
All models26P9723N
11 Heatsink
All models46L6365N
12System board
Without IEEE1394 (Series I)26P8305
With IEEE1394 (Series I)26P8307
Without IEEE1394 (Series II and III)26P8350
With IEEE1394 (Series II and III)26P8352
13PCMCIA slot
All models26P9724N
14Hard drive (HD)
with tray and screws module
Hitachi / 20GB08K9731
Hitachi / 20GB08K9763
Hitachi / 30GB08K9666
Hitachi /30GB 08K9746
Hitachi / 40GB08K9744
 HD bezel
15All models26P97371
16Lower case with label
WW12P4323 replaces 26P9729, 46L6544
EMEA12P4324 replaces 26P9730, 46L6545
IIPC12P4325 replaces 26P9731, 46L6546
Korea12P4326 replaces 26P9732, 46L6547
Taiwan12P4327 replaces 46L6338, 46L6548
India12P4333 replaces 46L6371, 46L6549
W/W 265712P4334 replaces 46L5027, 46L6664
EMEA 265712P4335 replaces 46L5028, 46L6665
IIPC 265712P4336 replaces 46L5029, 46L6666
Korea 265712P4337 replaces 46L5030, 46L6667
Taiwan 265712P4338 replaces 46L6363, 46L6668
India 265712P4339 replaces 46L6373, 46L6669
W/W 267612P4340 replaces 46L5031, 46L6670
EMEA 267612P4341 replaces 46L5032, 46L6353
IIPC 267612P4342 replaces 46L5033, 46L6354
Korea 267612P4343 replaces 46L5034, 46L6355
Taiwan 267612P4344 replaces 46L6364, 46L6296
India 267612P4345 replaces 46L6374, 46L6297
WW - wireless12P4328 replaces 46L6331
EMEA - wireless12P4329 replaces 46L6332
IIPC - wireless12P4330 replaces 46L6333
Korea - wireless12P4331 replaces 46L6334
Taiwan - wireless12P4332 replaces 46L6340
WW 2657 - wireless (Series III)62P4342
17SoDIMM assembly
18Combo card
Actiontec IEEE 802.11b/Modem - Microsoft Windows XP 12P36371
19Mini PCI / DIMM door kit
All models46L63351
20Battery assembly (Ni-MH)

Sanyo W/W


Sanyo Japan

Battery assembly (Li-Ion)

Sanyo WW


Sanyo Japan


Panasonic WW


Panasonic Japan

21Speaker kit
(Series I)02K5989N
(Series II and III)08K4618
22RTC battery
All models02K70621
23CD-ROM module




DVD-ROM module

MKE (Series I)


MKE (Series II and III)


HLDS(Hitachi) (Series I)


HLDS(Hitachi) (Series II and III)

CD-RW module

SONY(for WinXP) (Series I and II)


TEAC (Series I)


TEAC (Series II and III)

CDRW/DVD-ROM combo module

KME(Toshiba) (Series I)


KME(Toshiba) (Series II)


KME(Toshiba) (Series III)


HLDS(Hitachi) (Series III)

 Screw kit
All models26P97411
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