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24X/10X/40X Max White/Black CD-RW Drives - Overview

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At a glance

The latest high-capacity, removable media drives enable users to mobilize their data and expand their desktop by writing, backing up, storing, or archiving up to 700MB of data on each CD-R or CD-RW disc.

Features include:

  • 16X, 12X, 8X, 4X CLV, 16X-24X zoned CLV Write speed of CD-R media
  • 10X or 4X Write speed of CD-RW media
  • 17X-40X CAV Read speed of CD-ROM and CD-R media
  • 17X-32X zoned CAV Read speed for CD-RW disc
  • Enhanced IDE/ATAPI interface
  • 80 ms average access time (17-40X Constant Angular Velocity (CAV))
  • 2 MB data buffer
  • Vertical or horizontal mount
  • BURN-Proof buffer underrun protection
  • Mt. Rainier Technology


1 year Limited - customer carry-in exchange


You will receive one box containing the following items:

  • 24X/10X/40X Max CD-RW drive (available in white or black)
  • 18-inch, two-drop IDE cable
  • Mounting Screws
  • Software and User's Guide CD
  • Laser Safety Guide
  • "Y" Audio Cable
  • Quick Installation Guide

Product dates


  • Announce date: 22 Jan 2002
  • Planned availability date: 22 Jan 2002

Technical specifications

Sustained data transfer rate:

  • Mode 1 (16X-20X-24X zoned CLV, write) 2400-3600 KB/sec
  • Mode 1 (10X, write, CLV) 1500 KB/sec
  • Mode 1 (17X-40X, CAV read) 2500-6000 KB/sec

Burst data transfer rate:

  • ATA PIO Mode 4 16.7 MB/sec
  • ATA Multi Word DMA Mode 2 16.7 MB/sec
  • ATA Ultra DMA Mode 2 33.3 BM/sec

Average access time:

  • Including latency (CAV) 80 ms
  • MTBF (10% duty) 100,000 POH

Physical, environmental, and compatibility specifications as known at time of announcement

Approximate Height:42 mm(1.7 in)
Approximate Width:149 mm(5.9 in)
Approximate Length:197 mm(7.6 in)
Approximate Weight:1.2 kg(2.6 lb)


  • Temperature: 5 to 45 degrees Celsius
  • Relative humidity: 8% to 80% (non-condensing)

Regulatory agency approvals

United States:

  • FCC label
  • UL Mark
  • CSA Mark

Europe, Middle East, Africa:

  • European Union -- CE MARK

Asia Pacific:

  • Australia/New Zealand -- C-Tick
  • Korea -- Korean MIC label
  • Taiwan -- BSMI
  • Japan -- VCCI

Hardware Requirements

The 24X/10X/40X Max White CD-RW Drive is supported on the following systems:

DescriptionMachine TypeModel
NetVista A216366, 6339, 6341,All
 6342, 6346, 6347,All
NetVista A21i2257All
NetVista A22p6343, 6349, 6049,All
NetVista A406058, 6568, 6578,All
 6840, 6842All
NetVista A40i2271All
NetVista A40p6569, 6579, 6841,All
 6059, 6599, 6647,All
NetVista M416790, 6791, 6792,All
 6793, 6794, 6795All

The 24X/10X/40X Max Black CD-RW Drive is supported on the following systems:

DescriptionMachine TypeModel
IntelliStation Z Pro*6865, 6866All
IntelliStation M Pro*6849, 6850, 6868, 6889All
IntelliStation E Pro*6836, 6846, 6867,All
6893, 6204, 6214All
NetVista A216337, 6339, 6341,All
6342, 6346, 6347, 6348All
NetVista A21i2254, 2256, 2257All
NetVista A22p2292, 6343, 6349,All
6350, 6823, 6825,All
6049, 2259All
NetVista A406599, 6648, 6830, 6831All
NetVista A40i2251, 2271, 2284All
NetVista A40p6649, 6059, 6599,All
6647, 6650All
NetVista M416790, 6791, 6792,All
6793, 6794, 6795,All
6796, 6797, 6823,All
NetVista X412283, 6274, 6596All
NetVista A102169All
NetVista X406643All
NetVista X40i2179All
NetVista A206270, 6279, 6286, 6266All
NetVista A20i2255, 2256, 2257,All
2275, 6276All
NetVista S406644, 6645All
NetVista S40p6646All
NetVista A606833**, 6838All
NetVista A60i6832**, 6848All

* Systems with I3D and FireGL1 graphic chipsets do not support MPEG-2 playback
** Standard Y-audio connector cannot be attached to this system

Note: Some computers have a smaller connector that is incompatible with the included internal audio cable. If your computer has this kind of connector, you must purchase a new audio cable.

Supported operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows 98
  • Windows NT 4.0 SP5, or later
  • Windows Me
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP Home
  • Windows XP Pro


The 24X/10X/40X Max CD-RW drive is compatible with the following CD formats:

In Read mode:

  • CD-ROM mode-1 data discs
  • CD-ROM XA discs
  • CD Audio discs
  • CD-I discs
  • Photo CD discs
  • Video CD discs
  • CD-R discs
  • CD-RW discs

In Write mode:

  • CD-ROM mode-1
  • CD Audio
  • Mixed Mode
  • Video CD
  • CD-Text
  • CD- Extra

NOTE: Some configurations may not be compatible.



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