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Front view - ThinkPad 1400, 1500
NOTE: Please note that not all models of the ThinkPad i Series 1400 come with an integrated modem.

front view

1The LCD latches release the LCD when pressed and allow it to
be opened.
2The color LCD screen displays computer output.
3The left and right internal speakers generate stereo sound.
4The indicator panel consists of the system-status indicators and
their associated symbols.
5The internal modem port is used for connecting your com-puter
to an analog telephone line.
6The PC Card slots accept PC Cards.
7The PC Card eject buttons eject the PC Card from the PC Card
8The diskette drive.
9The diskette-drive-activity indicator lights up when the computer
is accessing the diskette drive.
10The diskette-eject button ejects the diskette from the diskette
11The CD-ROM drive.
12The CD-ROM eject button ejects the CD-ROM tray .
13The CD-ROM access indicator is on when data is read from a
CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive.
14The manual-eject hole is used to eject the CD-ROM tray when it
does not open with the eject button.
15The audio CD control panel allows your computer to function like
an audio CD player without turning on the computer.
16The previous track button jumps to the previous track in the
audio CD.
17The next track button jumps to the next track in the audio CD.
18The audio CD status LCD displays the current track number in
the audio CD.
19The play/pause button plays or pauses audio CD playback.
20The stop/eject button stops audio CD playback and ejects the
CD-ROM tray when audio playback is stopped.
21The audio CD power button turns the audio CD player on and off
when the computer power is off.
22The TrackPoint buttons work with the TrackPoint (23) and func-tion
similar to the buttons on a mouse.
23The TrackPoint is a built-in pointing device that provides a func-tion
similar to that of a mouse.
24The Fn key is used with the function keys to activate the Fn key
25The built-in microphone captures sound and voice when it is
used with an application program capable of handling audio.

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