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Memory options - ThinkPad 1400, 1500


  • FRU part numbers identified in the CRU column with an asterisk are customer replaceable units.
  • Your 4 digit Type and 3 digit Model numbers can be found on the bottom of your system, next to the bar code label.
  • The 100MHz memory options will only work with the specified systems.
  • The 66MHz memory options will NOT work with the systems that require 100MHz.

The following systems ship with and require 66MHz memory:

Type Model
2611 All models
2621 420, 421, 424, 425, 427, 42A, 42F, 42M, 42P, 42S, 42U, 42X, 43J, 441, 445, 447, 448, 44C, 44H, 44K, 44S, 44T, 44X, 460, 464, 465, 467, 46A, 46C, 46F, 46H, 46K, 46M, 46P, 46S, 46T, .46U, 46X, 480, 484, 487, 48A, 48C, 48F, 48H, 48K, 48M, 48P, 48S, 48T, 48U, 48X, 4AA, 4AF, 4AM, 4AP, 4AS, 4AX, 4BA, 4BC, 4BF, 4BH, 4BK, 4BP, 4BS, 4BT, 4BX, 4BY, 4CA, 4CC, 4CF, 4CH, 4CK, 4CM, 4CT, RR3, RR4, RR5,
2621 540, 541, 547, 548, 560, 567
Memory options Option part number FRU part number CRUImportant information
32 MB SDRAM SO-DIMM 76H0294 42H2819 *Non-Parity - 66MHz
64MB SDRAM SO-DIMM 20L0241 20L0242 *Non-Parity - 66MHz
128MB SDRAM SO-DIMM 01K1150 01K1153 *Non-Parity - 66MHz

The following systems ship with and require 100MHz memory.
Type Model
2621 422, 429, 442, 482, 483, 486, 489, 492, 496, 499, 49A, 49C, 49F, 49H, 49K, 49M, 49T, 4E2, 4EA, 4EF, 4EM, 4EP, 4ES, 4EX, 4FC, 4FF, 4FH, 4FK, 4FP, 4FS, 4FT, 4FX, 4GA, 4GC, 4GF, 4GH, 4GK, 4GM, 4GP, 4GS, 4GT, 4GX
2651 542, 549, 54G, 562, 569, 56G, 592, 5FF
Memory options Option part number FRU part number CRUImportant information
32 MB SDRAM SO-DIMM 20L0253 20L0263 *
Non-Parity - 100MHz
64 MB SDRAM SO-DIMM 20L0254 20L0264 *
Non-Parity - 100MHz
128 MB SDRAM SO-DIMM 20L0255 20L0265 *
Non-Parity - 100MHz
256 MB SDRAM SO-DIMM 33L3069 33L3070 *
Non-Parity - 100MHz
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