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AC adapters and battery options - ThinkPad 600
2-pin refers to a round, barrel shaped connector
4-pin refers to a trapazoid shaped connector with 4 holes in it

2-wire refers to a non-grounded adapter using a non-grounded line cord
You must match the 2-wire adapter to the 2-prong cord

3-wire refers to a grounded adapter using a grounded line cord
You must match the 3-wire adapter to the 3-prong cord

Power options Option part number (P/N)FRU P/N Additional information
AC adapters
A/C Adapter (2-pin, 3-wire) - Withdrawn 83H6739
11J8956 - AC adapter
76H3516 - US power cord - 3.5 feet long, 3-prong.
56 Watt, World-wide, has a 2-pin(round connector) tip. This is just for the AC adapter itself and does not include the Power Cord. Click here for the part numbers for the power cord for other countries.
Ultraslim 56W AC Adapter 02K6545 02K6555 - AC adapter
76H3516 - US power cord
The Option P/N is for US & Canada only. For other country specific PN's click on the link provided for the adapter.
56W DC Power Adapter 02K3381 02K3384  
Li-Ion Battery 12J2464 12P4064
UltraslimBay Battery 02K6504 02K6505 Only installs into the UltraslimBay of the ThinkPad 600E and 600X.
External Battery Charger 02K6499 02K6501 ThinkPad 600 Attachment - adapter compatible with 600 battery style

Instructions on how to remove and install the battery, click here.
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