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Memory removal and installation - ThinkPad 380, 385

To install additional memory in your ThinkPad 380, 385, follow these simple steps (to remove the memory, reverse the steps):

  1. Turn off the computer; then disconnect the AC Adapter and all cables from the computer and remove the battery from the unit as well.
  2. Touch any metal object with your hand to release any static electricity.
  3. Turn you computer over.
  4. Loosed the screw on the memory slot cover and remove the cover.

    removing the dimm door
  5. Find the notch on the edge of the DIMM and line it up with the notch in the memory slot.
    remove older memory
  6. With the notched end of the DIMM toward the right side of the socket, inset the DIMM, at an angle of approximately 20 degrees, into the socket; then press firmly.
    install at 20 degree angle
  7. Pivot the DIMM until it snaps into place.
  8. Place the memory cover over the memory slot; then install the screw back into its place.
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