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G52 15.0-inch (13.6-inch viewable) Color Monitor (6546) - Overview


At a glance

The family of P & G Series monitors feature a portfolio of products designed to meet every computing need. The G Series includes a wide range of models including the FST (Flatter Squarer Tube) to address standard applications such as word processors, data entry and graphics.

Geo Machine Type-Model Monitor Part Number Warranty Announce General Availability Withdrawal Effective Withdrawal
US6546-00N654600N3yr CCE04/15/9704/24/9709/15/9810/16/98
US6546-01E654601E3yr CCE04/15/9704/24/9709/15/9810/16/98
US6546-01N654601N3yr CCE04/15/9704/24/9709/15/9810/16/98
US6546-01S654601S3yr CCE04/15/9704/24/9709/15/9810/16/98
US6546-21N654621N3yr CCE04/15/9704/24/9709/15/9810/16/98
US6546-31N654631N3yr CCE04/15/9704/24/9709/15/9810/16/98
US6546-40N654640N3yr CCE04/15/9704/24/9709/15/9810/16/98
US6546-41E654641E3yr CCE04/15/9704/24/9709/15/9810/16/98
US6546-41S654641S3yr CCE04/15/9704/24/9709/15/9810/16/98

Model Identification

Model Cover Color Hemisphere FRU Part Number UPC Code
USPearl Whitenot available60H9102not available
USBusiness Blacknot available60H9152not available

Associated FRU(s)

Geo Description FRU Part Number Special Notes
not availableFRU Interface cable60H9581not available
not availablePower cord13F9959not available
not availablePower cord38F3968not available
USTilt/Swivel Base11L3029Applies to Model 00N

Additional Information

Packaging One box containing:
  • Monitor
  • Separate tilt/swivel stand
  • Video signal cable (cable is dependent on model)
  • Separate power cord
  • User's Guide
Multiple ordering information not available
Other not available

Technical Specifications

  • Not all available display modes run at the high refresh rates necessary for flicker-free performance. Display modes at lower refresh rates are available for compatibility with older graphics adapters and system units.
  • Supported display modes are a function of the attaching system unit. The full range of display modes available with these monitors may not be available or supported with all combinations of system units, their operating systems, and application software.
  • Horizontal and vertical sync signal timings are critical in order to achieve acceptable screen images. As a consequence, support for all possible variations in H/V sync timings for any display mode cannot be stated.
  • The number of colors shown in any display mode is not limited by the monitor but depends upon the capabilities of the adapter the monitor is attached to.
  • The power management function is invoked only after initiating signals are received from the attached system unit and/or graphic adapter. The method used to implement power management follows the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) Display Power Management Signaling (DPMS) standard. This standard must also be implemented in the attaching system unit and/or graphic adapter for monitor power management to be effective.
  • Implementation of monitor Plug and Play follows the VESA Display Data Channel (DDC) standard. This standard must also be implemented in the attaching system unit hardware and software to be effective.
  • Not all system units are DDC-enable. In this situation the user is required to perform the configuration necessary to obtain optimum performance from the system/graphic, adapter/monitor combinations.
Supported software not available
  • PC 140, PC 330, PC 340, PC 350, PC 360, PC 365, PC 730 (6877), PC 750 (6887), PC 300GL, PC 300GL Pentium II models (6561, 6591), PC 300PL, PC 300PL Pentium II models, PC 300XL
  • IntelliStation M Pro, IntelliStation Z Pro (6899), IntelliStation Ultimate Web Design Machine
  • Netfinity 3500, Netfinity 3000, Netfinity 5500, Netfinity 5500 Rack Mounted models, Netfinity 7000, Netfinity 7000 Rack Mounted models
  • PC Server 310 200MHz models, PC Server 325 Pentium II models, PC Server 325 Rack Mounted Pentium II models, PC Server 330 Pentium II models, PC Server 704
  • ThinkPad 310, ThinkPad 315, ThinkPad 365, ThinkPad 380, ThinkPad 385, ThinkPad 560, ThinkPad 600, ThinkPad 730, ThinkPad 760, ThinkPad 765, ThinkPad 770
  • SelectaDock I, II, III, SelectaBase 770, SelectaDock Base Model I, ThinkPad 365 Port Replicator, ThinkPad 380 Port Replicator, ThinkPad 560 Port Replicator
Other systems The G52 Color Monitor is designed to operate with system units or video adapters that generate a video output signal that falls within the specifications below:
  • Maximum addressability (pels) - 1280x1024
  • Horizontal frequency (KHz) - 30-69
  • Vertical frequency (Hz) - 50-120
Operating system requirements not available
Adapters: not available
Mounting kit etc. A signal cable adapter part number 96G1999 is required to permit attachment to 3483, 3488-V, and 3489 Modular Display Stations bits presented on the monitor interface.
Product approvals & certifications
  • CE MARK (Europe)
  • CSA C22.2 No. 950 (Canada)
  • DNHW (Canada)
  • EMI (B) (Korea)
  • FCC Class B (US)
  • GS (Germany)
  • ICES-003 Class B (Canada)
  • NOM (Mexico)
  • PTB (Germany)
  • SEMKO (Sweden)
  • UL-1950 First Edition
Energy Star Compliant Yes
Display case colour Business Black
Tube type FST (Flatter Squarer Tube) CRT
Nominal screen size 15 inches (381mm)
Viewable image size 13.6 inches (347mm)
Maximum viewable width 280mm
Maximum viewable heigh 210mm
Pixel pitch/type 0.28mm dot
Anti-glar Yes
Anti-stati Yes
Touch screen No
Tilt/swivel stand Yes
Screen surface treatment Anti-reflective
Multiscannin Yes
Number of factory presets 9
Number of user preset 14
Preset modes
  • 640x480/60, 75, 85
  • 720x400/70
  • 800x600/75, 85
  • 1024x768/70, 75, 85
Microprocessor control Yes
Syncin Multifrequency
Top flicker free VESA mode 1024x768 at 85Hz NI
Maximum addressibility 1280x1024
Onscreen programming Yes
Plug and play support Yes
  • EPA Energy Star compliant (US)
  • GS (Germany)
  • ISO 9241 Part 3
  • Proposed VESA 85Hz NI support
  • EMI (B)
  • FCC Class B
  • ICES-003 Class B
  • MPR-II
Acoustics Declared acoustical noise emissions LWAD = 4.5 bels or less
Apple/workstation compatible No
Vertical refresh rate low of 50Hz to a high of 120 Hz
Maximum Horizontal frequency low of 30kHz to a high of 69 kHz
Power management features VESA DPMS compliantVESA DDC1/DDC2B
Power consumption 90 Watts
User display controls Brightness, Contrast, Degauss, Degauss via Power Switch, Digital Control, Horizontal position, Horizontal size, Image rotation, Pincushion adjustment, Selectable color points, Tilt, Trapezoidal adjustment, Vertical position, Vertical size
Other Information
  • Supports most standard VGA, SVGA and XGA applications without modification
  • A DDC-enabled monitor continually sends a stream of data through the video signal cable. The system unit stores and analyzes the received data and determines the combination of addressability and refresh rate (display mode) that best uses the capabilities of the monitor.
  • The factory preset modes cannot be overwritten but any of them can be adjusted to personal choice. The new settings are automatically stored in one of the user locations and are recalled each time that mode is used. The factory setting for the mode is use, if any, can be restored by operating the Geometry Reset control.
  • It may be necessary to make some adjustments to the displayed picture to compensate for variations in video signal timings. The user controls can be used to make these adjustments.
  • The G52 Color Monitor is supplied with a 1.8 meter (6 feet) video signal cable. This cable carries the same 15-pin D-shell video connector as previous monitor and are DDC 1/2B compatible for connection to newer DDC enabled system units.
  • Supports the following InfoWindow Display Modes: 2, 3, 4, 5*, 6 *. If the signal cable adapter is not used, this mode can be supported at the 60Hz refresh rate. The mode will not be ISO compliant, and power management will not function.
  • Selectable color points: 9300K and 7200K
  • Boarderless operation
  • Clock Rate (Mpels/sec): 110
  • Tilt/swivel stand characteristics: Tilt - 4.5 degrees forward/12 degrees backward, Swivel - 90 degrees (both left and right)
  • Status LED
Weight 13.5Kg
Height 385mm
Width 370mm
Depth 418mm
Operating Temperature low of 10 degrees celsius to a high of 35 degrees celsius
Relative Humidity low of 8% to a high of 80%

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