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DC-in sub card and base cover assembly removal and installation - ThinkPad Edge E120, E125
DC-in sub card and base cover assembly removal

For access, remove these FRUs in order:

Please perform the following steps as shown in the pictures below.

Applying labels to the base cover

The new base cover FRU is shipped with a kit containing labels of several kinds.

The following illustrations show the location of each label.


Note: If the Windows Certificate of Authentication label (COA) [2] or [9] is attached to a part that is replaced, return the old part with the label attached to the customer, or provide a letter to the customer stating what the label was originally on the system and what the label part number, serial number, and product key were.

When you replace the base cover, apply the following labels:

  • 6 FCC label
  • 7 Serial number label

The following labels need to be peeled off from the old base cover, and need to be put on the new base cover.

  • 1 Onboard LAN MAC address label or Ethernet label
  • 3 Certified labe
  • 4 GEO label
  • 5 System label
  • 8 Information label
  • 10 Asset tag
  • 11 SIM ICCID label
  • 12 Israel label
  • 13 Postel label by SKU Indonesia
  • 14 SIRIM label for Modem/BT/WLAN/WWAN
  • 15 Non Encryption label or Indonesia rating label
  • 16 Brazil Anatel Bluetooth label
  • 17 Brazil Anatel BG label
  • 18 Brazil Anatel WWAN label
  • 19 Leadcore China Mobile label
  • 20 China Telecom label for IMEI
  • 21 Qualcomm FOX Gobi 2000 label
  • 22 IMEI label
  • 23 China Telecom label for WWAN
  • 24 China Mobile, China Unicom, or China WWAN label

For some models, you need to apply two FCC labels. Check the old base cover; if it has two FCC labels, apply both to the new base cover.


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