Installing Windows 2000 onto a blank hard disk drive - ThinkPad 600
This document covers the procedures for installing Microsoft Windows 2000 onto a system with a blank hard disk drive.

You will need the following files:

Package Name
ThinkPad 600 BIOS
CD/DVD-ROM Firmware Update Utility diskette
Utility Features for Windows 2000

Preparing for Windows 2000
  1. Ensure that ThinkPad has the latest BIOS installed.
  2. Update CD/DVD-ROM firmware

Click here for additional drivers for the ThinkPad 600.

Installing Windows 2000
  1. Boot the machine using a Microsoft Windows 98 boot disk.
  2. At command prompt, insert the Windows 2000 CD.
  3. At the DOS command, enter winnt
  4. After file copy is complete, machine will reboot.
  5. At the set up notification screen, click Enter
  6. At the welcome to Windows 2000 set up screen, click Enter .
  7. Press the F8 key at the License Agreement screen.
  8. Click Enter at the existing partition information screen.
  9. When asked to make changes to the file system, click Enter . The default setting is to NOT change the file system. The NTFS conversion may be done at a later time.
  10. Files are loaded and copied.
  11. Machine will reboot.
  12. Windows will install device drivers. The screen may flicker during this stage.
  13. Windows will install networking components. This may take several minutes.
  14. At the Regional settings screen, click Enter .
  15. Enter your name and organization at the next screen. Click Enter when finished.
  16. Enter the 25 character Product Key. Click Next .
  17. Create the administrator password. Re-enter the password for verification. Click Enter when finished.
  18. Enter information at the Modem Dialing Information screen. Click Enter when finished.
  19. Enter Date and Time information. Click Enter when finished.
  20. Windows will install the networking components.
  21. Windows will automatically install additional components.
  22. Windows will complete some final tasks.
  23. Click Finish at the Windows 2000 set up completion screen.
  24. Machine will reboot.

Installing Utility Features for Windows 2000
  1. Start Windows 2000.
  2. Logon with administrative privilege.
  3. Extract the drivers onto the hard disk by running the file. To do this, you can select Start, then click Run and specify the path and filename of the file you downloaded, or you can double-click on the file in Windows Explorer. This will extract the drivers.
  4. Click on Start, then click Run...
  5. Specify the installation program SETUP.EXE with full path you extracted in the step 3 and click on OK . Default path is C:\DRIVERS\W2K\UTILITY\
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen.
The following are the known considerations when using Windows 2000 on your ThinkPad 600

Cannot use password protected hard drive if hard disk drive is located in the docking station
Models All ThinkPad 600 models
Issue: When an IDE hard disk drive located in the docking station is protected by a Hard Disk Drive password, the user will not be able to access it under Windows 2000.
Cause: Windows 2000 does not support the IBM implemented Hard Disk Drive security for hard disk drives located in the docking station.
Resolution: Since IBM's Hard Disk Drive security is not supported for hard drives located in the docking station, IBM recommends that you use the built-in Windows 2000 file security such as NTFS, Prompt for Password, setting user permissions, auditing, etc

ISA add-on device installed on docking station may not function after system returns from Standby
Models: All ThinkPad 600 models
Issue: If an ISA add-on device is installed on a docking station when system returns from Standby, the ISA add-on device may not function afterwards.
Cause: When Windows 2000 returns from Standby, the OS has no means to identify and detect ISA devices since this type of device architecture does not support full Plug-and-Play.
Resolution: Do not place the docked ThinkPad into Standby mode if an ISA add-on device is installed.

An IDE device installed on the docking station is not detected under Windows 2000
Models: All ThinkPad 600 Series models
Issue: An IDE device installed on the docking station is not detected when your ThinkPad computer is docked to a SelectaDock-III.
Cause: Configuration problem set by the system BIOS.
Resolution: To enable an IDE device on a SelectaDock-III docking station, follow these instructions below:

Enabling an IDE device in the SelectaDock-III
  1. Turn on your computer, and then logon to Windows 2000 Professional with an Administrator user account.
  2. Install the ThinkPad Configuration Utility for Windows 2000.
  3. After the installation completes and you restart you computer, open the ThinkPad Configuration Utility for Windows 2000.
  4. Click Docking Station button to view docking station properties.
  5. Click the IDE Device tab. Set the IDE device in docking station option to Enable .
  6. Click Apply . A warning message will next appear on your screen indicating that the bay device is already using the desired resource. Click Disable Device(s). (Note that the device located in the swappable bay will still function afterwards.)
  7. Click Yes to automatically restart your computer in order for new setting to take effect.
  8. The computer will then ask you to power off and on your computer.
  9. The next time you restart your computer in a docked configuration with an IDE device installed in the docking bay, the IDE device will be detected and function as expected under Windows 2000.
TV-Out on ThinkPad models is not supported under Windows 2000
Models: ThinkPad 600 Series models
Issue: TV-Out capability on ThinkPad models does not work under Windows 2000.
Cause: TV-Out is dependent upon your ThinkPad computer's display adapter's device driver support for this capability under Windows 2000.
Resolution: Currently, this is not supported with this release of Windows 2000.

Dual-display functionality is not supported under Windows 2000
Models: ThinkPad 600E, and 600X models
Issue: Dual-display capability is not supported while running Windows 2000.
Cause: This is a current design limitation of Windows 2000.
Resolution: This limitation may be addressed by Microsoft in the future.

Cannot enable multi-monitor support using my PCI display adapter while running Windows 2000
Models: All ThinkPad 600 Series models
Issue: Multi-monitor support is not enabled when a PCI display adapter is install on Windows 2000.
Cause: Refer to the "Using the multi-monitor feature of ThinkPad computers under Windows 2000" section under the General Technical Information portion of this user's guide.
Resolution: Future releases of Windows 2000 will include additional display adapters for multi-monitor.


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