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README for System Program Service Diskette
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KXET36WW (1.09) 08 Sep 2003
System Program Service Diskette
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KXET36WW (1.09) 08 Sep 2003
This ThinkPad BIOS Update Utility updates the BIOS program stored in the ThinkPad system to fix problems, add new functions, or expand functions as noted below.

This release supports the following systems:
- ThinkPad A21m
- ThinkPad A22m except Sxx models

This program is language independent and can be used with any language system.
Additional information
Use the links below to obtain the BIOS file in other file formats:
This Additional Information field contains the following sections
I. Summary of changes
II. Installation instructions
III. System BIOS Information
IV. Memory information

I. Summary of changes
Version KXET36WW (1.09)
  • (New) Added a BIOS option to disable built-in network card ROM using upper 640KByte location. (Some network card features will be disabled)
  • (New) Improve security related process.
  • (Fix) If Lid close action beep is enabled, LCD close during OS boot may cause continuous beep.
  • (Fix) (Windows98) Error message appears on 2nd hibernation wakeup with New USB Memory Key.
  • (Fix) Hibernation swap area destroys POST work area.
  • (Fix) Fix the incorrect setting of PCI IRQ routing in docking station CardBus controller.

Click here for a complete list of changes fixed by this BIOS update.

II. Installation instructions
  • You need an AC adapter and a charged battery pack to update the BIOS.
  • If your computer is attached to any kind of docking station or port replicator, turn off the computer and detach it before proceeding.
  • Make sure the BIOS diskette is write protected.
  • The embedded controller version can be checked two different ways. It can be viewed by invoking IBM BIOS Setup Utility or by running the ThinkPad Configuration from operating system, and selecting System Information from the Help menu or the System Information button.
  1. Print these instructions or display on another computer.
  2. Firmly connect the AC adapter to the computer.
  3. Insert the System Program Service Diskette into the diskette drive and turn on the computer.
  4. Select Read this first from the menu and carefully read the information that appears.
  5. Press the Esc key to return to the menu.
  6. Select Update system program and follow the instruction on the screen.

    Attention: Do not turn off or suspend the computer until the update has been completed. If you turn off or suspend the computer while the update is still in progress, the system board may have to be replaced.

    After the update has been completed, do the following to make the changes effective.

  7. Make sure there is no diskette in the diskette drive and then turn on the computer.
  8. While the "Press F1 for IBM BIOS Setup Utility" message is displayed at the lower-left area of the screen, press the F1 key. The IBM BIOS Setup Utility menu will be displayed. If a password prompt appears, type the correct password.
  9. Press the F9 key to load default configuration.
  10. Select Yes.
  11. Press the F10 key to save default configuration.
  12. Select Yes. The system will restart automatically.
III. System BIOS Information
Each version of the System Program Service Diskette contains the following system program (BIOS).

The embedded controller manages the Power Management functions of the system.
Diskette versionBIOS versionBIOS dateEmbedded controller versionFile name
1.00KXET20WW21 Dec 1999N/Aspsda21m
1.01KXET21WW29 Sep 2000N/Aspsdkx21
1.02KXET24WW19 Dec 2000N/Aspsdkx24
1.03KXET29WW21 Mar 2001N/Aspsdkx29
1.04KXET30WW11 Apr 2001N/Aspsdkx30
1.05KXET32WW31 Jul 2001N/Aspsdkx32
1.06KXET33WW5 Sep 2001N/Aspsdkx33
1.07KXET34WW10 Apr 2002N/Aspsdkx34
1.08KXET35WW15 Oct 2002N/Aspsdkx35
08 May 2003

The BIOS information can be viewed by invoking IBM BIOS Setup Utility.

  1. Make sure there is no diskette in the diskette drive, then turn off the computer.
  2. Turn on the computer.
  3. While the "Press F1 for IBM BIOS Setup Utility" message is displayed at the lower-left area of the screen, press the F1 key. The IBM BIOS Setup Utility menu will be displayed. If a password prompt appears, type the correct password. The BIOS version and date are displayed on the first screen of the IBM BIOS Setup Utility.

IV. Memory information
The following information shows memory areas that are either unavailable or that can be included with a memory manager such as EMM386.

Reserved BIOS area

C0000-CFFFF (reserved for Video BIOS)
E0000-FFFFF (reserved for BIOS)

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