Flash BIOS update - NHJT42A - PC 300GL (type 6267, 6277, 6287)
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Flash BIOS update diskette v42a 6267, 6277, 6287
964.25 KB
42a 17 Nov 2000
Flash BIOS update diskette v42a 6267, 6277, 6287 (Japanese)
1.13 MB
42a 17 Nov 2000
Readme file for flash BIOS NHJT42A.EXE
19.86 KB
42a 17 Nov 2000
This package updates the basic input/output system (BIOS) on PC 300GL (type 6267, 6277, 6287) systems.

BIOS is programming that controls low-level hardware operations, including interactions with diskette drives, hard drives, and the keyboard. The BIOS is stored on a chip. Your computer uses flash BIOS, which can be updated through a program on a flash diskette so that you do not have to replace the BIOS chip to update the BIOS.

Note: Make note of any settings you have changed in the BIOS Configuration Utility. These settings may have to be re-entered after updating the BIOS.
Additional information
Please refer to the readme file for details on fixes incorporated in this BIOS update.
This is a flash BIOS update. The .exe file should be saved to your hard disk and executed. It will prompt you for a diskette. Follow the on-screen instructions and extract the files, creating a bootable diskette.

The following file(s) have been provided in diskette image format.
  1. Download the executable file(s) from this document to a subdirectory on your system (e.g. C:\TEMP) by double clicking on the file(s).
  2. Insert a blank, formatted diskette and execute the downloaded file with the diskette drive letter as the argument (e.g. driver.exe a:). The system will prompt you for a formatted diskette and will extract the diskette images to the diskettes. Repeat for each downloaded file.
  3. Follow the instructions in the readme file provided with the driver for installation.
Write-protect this diskette immediately. Otherwise, Windows 95, 98, or NT may render the diskette unusable.

Shut down and power off the machine and then re-boot with the flash diskette in the A: drive to update the flash BIOS.

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