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How to turn on or off Bluetooth for IdeaPad Tablet K1


How to turn on/off Bluetooth for IdeaPad Tablet K1


The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

IdeaPad Tablet K1




You can establish a wireless connection with any other Bluetooth compatible device using Bluetooth technology. Examples of such Bluetooth compatible devices may include stereo earphones, keyboards, etc.

Since a Bluetooth-enabled device communicates with other devices by radio waves, you do not have to position your IdeaPad Tablet K1 to be directly opposite the other device. You simply need to ensure that the maximum distance between the two devices does not exceed 10 m (about 32 feet). However, please note that the Bluetooth connection can sometimes be interfered with by barriers such as walls or other electronic devices.

To trun on/off Bluetooth:

Method One

1. Click the "Settings" icon in the application list.

2. In "Wireless & Network" menu, check/uncheck the box of Bluetooth to turn on/off it.


Note :

You can manage connection, set device name and discoverability under "Bluetooth settings".

You can find the received files under "Bluetooth settings" -->"Show received files".

Method Two:

1. Click System time & Status Icons on the lower right corner of the desktop.

2. Clck the poped up window or the " " icon to extent it.

3. Click the grey section to turn on/off Bluetooth.


After Bluetooth has been turned on, your IdeaPad Tablet K1 will automatically display a list of any Bluetooth-enabled devices it can find in the nearby area (i.e. scan for devices).


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