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How to improve the VeriFace recognition rate on IdeaPad U110


How to improve the VeriFace recognition rate on IdeaPad U110?

The instruction below will guide you to upgrade the VeriFace on your IdeaPad U110 to version 3.0, which will improve the recognition rate even in dim or dark places.


The above symptom may occur under the following operating system:

Microsoft Windows Vista


Follow the two steps below to keep your VeriFace updated.
1. Uninstall VeriFace 2.5
(1) Before uninstalling
Please decrypt your files which have been encrypted by VeriFace 2.5. Please note that you would not be able to decrypt them with VeriFace III as its encryption algorithm has been updated.

(2) How to decrypt files
Right click on the files which are encrypted by VeriFace (their extension name is .vff), choose decrypt by VeriFace. After passing face verification, the process will run automatically.

(3) Run the uninstallation program
You can run the uninstallation program in either of the following 2 ways:
a. Start menu à control panel à uninstall a program à VeriFace.
b. Start menu à lenovo VeriFace recognition à uninstall.


(4) Uninstalling VeriFace 2.5
When you see a user account control message box, click "continue". You will then see the VeriFace user validation window. Please enter your password and click "Ok".


(5) Click"OK"
VeriFace 2.5 will prompt you whether to really uninstall it. Pressing "OK" means yes.


Uninstallation will be finished soon. By clicking"OK", your PC will be rebooted for the changes to take effect.


2. Install VeriFace III(3.0)
Link to VeriFace III:

(1) Run the installation program
Double click on install file, you will see a user account control message box. Click "Continue" to accept the installation. Click "Next" to continue.


(2) Agree to End User License Agreement
You have to accept the software End User License Agreement to continue. Please click "Accept".


(3) Choose language and install path
After choosing your preferred software language and installation path, you can click "Next" to continue.


(4) Reboot your PC
After the installation program copies the files to your system, the installation will be completed successfully. You can reboot your PC directly or enroll your face at first.



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