Using your computer in monitor mode - ThinkCentre M70z (type 7570, 7577, 7578, 7580, 7583, 7584, 7589, 7594, 7595, 7597, and 7598)

Your computer can work in two modes: computer mode or monitor mode. This section provides instructions on how to use your computer in monitor mode.

To use your computer in monitor mode, you need to have a second computer. Connect one end of the VGA cable to the VGA IN connector on the rear of your computer, and connect the other end to the VGA connector on the second computer. Use the monitor mode control monitor mode controlon the front of your computer to switch your computer between computer mode and monitor mode.

The following table explains the functions of each control when your computer works in computer mode or monitor mode.

menu/enterMenuOpen the main On-Screen Display (OSD) menu.
EnterConfirm a selection
brightness controll/ rightBrightness ControlAdjust overall monitor brightness.
RightMove to the right
image setup control/leftImage Setup ControlAutomatically optimize the image.
LeftMove to the left
cancel/exit and monitor mode controlCancel/ExitCancel an operation or exit the main OSD menu.
Monitor Mode ControlSwitch your computer between computer mode and monitor mode.


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