Lenovo Quick Start for Windows XP - IdeaPad S9e and S10e
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Lenovo Quick Start is a Linux Operating System which can be started in 10 seconds and allow users to run applications.

The following system is supported:
- IdeaPad S9e, S10e
Additional information
Summary of changes
Installation instructions

Summary of changes


  • Modify audio sample rate from 48000 to 44100.
  • Support 3G Operator: SoftBank


  • Fix consistent behavior in wifi password setting.
  • Fix correct description in Wifi GuideMe about Stealth Mode


  • Fix issue of "3G connect fail when inserting Orange France SIM card".


  • Update help files.
  • Display warning message when deleting network profile.
  • No input limitation when editting PIN code.
  • Adjust network config window to adapt localization.
  • Add additional icons to show getting AP and getting IP status, and delay connection timeout to 60 secs.
  • Remove reassociate every 5 secs when connect WiFi.
  • Support MP3 tags with Japanese encoding (Shift-JIS).
  • Improve 3G connectivity after Off/On Wireless Radio.
  • Auto-Select "Profile" when open 3G settings page.
  • 64 digit hex WEP password fail to connect issue.
  • Confirm PIN dialog can not popup in non-english language.
  • Before installation, uninstall all if get parameter "CUSTOM_FORCE_DELETE=Yes" .
  • HPML, All user folders are displayed in limited_full mode and language can't changed according to system language.


  • Roll in 3G and new localization support.
  • Roll in the updated help file: English and Japanese.
  • psmouse module as build in module.
  • Support Music tags with Japanese encoding (Shift-JIS).
  • Update Music Helps.
  • Support Wifi 12/13/14 channel for Japan region.
  • HPML, All user folders are displayed in limited_full mode and language can't changed according by system language.
  • Fix the network icon on launchbar do not show correctly, current is " :Connected", correct is: "3G: Connected"
  • Fix "About" box is missing problem
  • Fix system hang when SSID contains 32 characters or more issue.


  • (add) Date code to EULA document.
  • (fix) WIFI detect function.
  • (fix) dual screen display issue.
  • (fix) Panel resolution table issue (10.1¡±/8.9¡±).
  • (fix) Launch bar auto hide issue.
  • (fix) S9/S10 SSD+HDD slow probe issue.
  • (update) Chat version.
  • (update) Audio CD auto-detection limitation to VAE Help file.
  • (update) Music Player Help document.

Installation instructions
  • This update requires:
    • BIOS version should contain external display disable CE_Loader.
    • BIOS integration to support Quick Start launching by single power button.
  1. Launch the ST_LVSPCM_HD_v1.0.17.8_20090723.EXE Windows installer to the target hard driver.
  2. Reboot the system.
  3. Enable Quick Start through BIOS menu or windows configuration tool

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please do try the following options:
1. Lenovo Assisted Search
2. Product usage and general troubleshooting tips
3. Lenovo Support Forum
4. Technical Support Call Centre

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Document ID : DS003614
Legacy Document ID : MIGR-71591
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