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Note: Each Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) applies to all types and models, unless specific types or model numbers are listed with the FRU.

  • FRUs that have a 1 or 2 in the CRU column are Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs).
    • 1 identifies parts that are fairly simple to replace, requiring few or no tools.
    • 2 identifies parts that are slightly more difficult to replace.
    • N identifies parts that are not to be replaced by the customer.
  • RoHS compliance:
    • Parts identified by a R in the RoHS ID column are compliant.
    • Parts identified by a N in the RoHS ID column are not compliant.


Service part number
Arabic 42T4005 42T4069 42T3940 R **
Belgian 42T4006 42T4070 42T3941
Brazilian Portuguese 42T4033 42T4097 42T3968
Bulgarian 42T4145 42T4142 42T4138
Canadian French (058) 42T4004 42T4068 42T3939
Canadian French (Acnor) 42T4003 42T4067 42T3938
Czech 42T4007 42T4071 42T3942
Danish 42T4008 42T4072 42T3943
Dutch 42T4016 42T4080 42T3951
Finnish, Swedish 42T4023 42T4087 42T3958
French 42T4010 42T4074 42T3945
German 42T4011 42T4075 42T3946
Greek (U.S. English and Greek layout) 42T4012 42T4076 42T3947
Hebrew 42T4014 42T4078 42T3949
Hungarian 42T4013 42T4077 42T3948
Icelandic - - 42T3969
Italian 42T4015 42T4079 42T3950
Japanese 42T4028 42T4092 42T3963
Korean 42T4032 42T4096 42T3967
Latin American Spanish 42T4031 42T4095 42T3966
Norwegian 42T4017 42T4081 42T3952
Polish 42T4018 42T4082 42T3953
Portuguese 42T4019 42T4083 42T3954
Russian 42T4020 42T4084 42T3955
Slovak 42T4021 42T4085 42T3956
Slovenian 42T4022 42T4086 42T3957
Spanish 42T4009 42T4073 42T3944
Swiss 42T4024 42T4088 42T3959
Thai 42T4030 42T4094 42T3965
Traditional Chinese 42T4029 42T4093 42T3964
Turkish 42T4025 42T4089 42T3960
U.K. English 42T4026 42T4090 42T3961
U.S. English 42T4002 42T4066 42T3937
U.S. English (International, with a Euro symbol) 42T4027 42T4091 42T3962


Service part number
Arabic 42T3212 42T3276 42T3146 R **
Belgian 42T3213 42T3277 42T3147
Brazilian Portuguese 42T3240 42T3304 42T3174
Canadian French (058) 42T3211 42T3275 42T3145
Canadian French (Acnor) 42T3210 42T3274 42T3144
Czech 42T3214 42T3278 42T3148
Danish 42T3215 42T3279 42T3149
Dutch 42T3223 42T3287 42T3157
Finnish, Swedish 42T3230 42T3294 42T3164
French 42T3217 42T3281 42T3151
German 42T3218 42T3282 42T3152
Greek (U.S. English and Greek layout) 42T3219 42T3283 42T3153
Hebrew 42T3221 42T3285 42T3155
Hungarian 42T3220 42T3284 42T3154
Icelandic - - 42T3175
Italian 42T3222 42T3286 42T3156
Japanese 42T3235 42T3299 42T3169
Korean 42T3239 42T3303 42T3173
Latin American Spanish 42T3238 42T3302 42T3172
Norwegian 42T3224 42T3288 42T3158
Polish 42T3225 42T3289 42T3159
Portuguese 42T3226 42T3290 42T3160
Russian 42T3227 42T3291 42T3161
Slovak 42T3228 42T3292 42T3162
Slovenian 42T3229 42T3293 42T3163
Spanish 42T3216 42T3280 42T3150
Swiss 42T3231 42T3295 42T3165
Thai 42T3237 42T3301 42T3171
Traditional Chinese 42T3236 42T3300 42T3170
Turkish 42T3232 42T3296 42T3166
U.K. English 42T3233 42T3297 42T3167
U.S. English 42T3209 42T3273 42T3143
U.S. English (International, with a Euro symbol) 42T3234 42T3298 42T3168
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