Battery will not charge or discharge - Lenovo N100

Note: This Lenovo N100 Battery Replacement Program Ended on October 01, 2008.


Lenovo N100 battery P/N 92P1185 (FRU 92P1186) will not charge or discharge. The power meter in control panel, power options may reflect anywhere from 0% to 99% charged but the battery will not charge any higher and may not function at all when the AC adapter is removed. This symptom does not pose a safety hazard.

Affected Configurations

Any of the following Lenovo N100 systems:

  • 0689
  • 0768

Lenovo will replace eligible batteries (FRU 92P1186) with this failure symptom for an additional 6-months (total of 18-months) based on the system warranty start date. To be eligible for this replacement all of the following must be true:

  1. The system must be a Lenovo N100 (0689 or 0768).
  2. The system must be within 18 months of the system warranty start date. (If the battery was purchased as an Option, then it must be within 18 months of purchase date and proof of purchase will be required for validation).
  3. The battery must be P/N 92P1185 (FRU 92P1186).
  4. The battery does not charge when connected to the system with the AC adapter. The system will only function with the AC adapter attached. The system will not function on battery alone.


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