System service parts - ThinkCentre A61e (type 6417)

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68561_serviceparts.gif 1 - front audio / USB card and cable 2 - hard drive 3 - system fan 4 - optical drive 5 - AC/DC power adapter 6 - Express card assembly 7 - system board 8 - Microprocessor 9 - heat sink 11 - memory 12 - internal speaker 13 - media card reader 10 - chassis kit

Note: Each Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) applies to all types and models, unless specific types or model numbers are listed with the FRU.

  • FRUs that have a 1 or 2 in the CRU ID column are Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs).
    • 1 identifies parts that are fairly simple to replace, requiring few or no tools.
    • 2 identifies parts that are slightly more difficult to replace.
    • N identifies parts that are not to be replaced by the customer.
  • RoHS compliance:
    • R identifies parts that are compliant.
    • N identifies parts that are not compliant.
ItemDescriptionService part number (FRU)RoHS IDCRU IDModels
System board
7 System board, AMD 690G chipset


R N 11S 11L 11D 11Y 11A 11Q 11T 11E 11J 12U 12F 12S 12L 12D 12Y 12G
System board, AMD 690G chipset


R N 11S 11L 11D 11Y 11A 11Q 11T 11E 11J 12U 12F 12S 12L 12D 12Y 12G 13G 14G 15U 15F 16U 16F

AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core 2400, (2.3 GHz processor, 65W), AM2

43C6165 R N  

AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core 2350, (2.1 GHz processor, 65W), AM2

43C6166 R N  

AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core 2300, (1.9 GHz processor, 65W), AM2

43C6167 R N  

AMD Sempron™ 1150+, (2.0GHz processor, 45W), AM2


43C6169 R N 11S 11L 11D 11Y 11A 11Q 11T 11E 11J 12U 12F 12S 12L 12D 12Y 12G
AMD Sempron™ 1300+, (2.3GHz processor, 45W), AM2 43C8986 R N  
AMD Sempron™ 1250, (2.2GHz processor, 45W), AM2 43C6168 R N  

256MB PC2-5300 (667MHz) DDR2 SDRAM

43C3813 R 2  

512MB PC2-5300 (667MHz) DDR2 SDRAM

43C3814 R 2 11S 11L 11D 11Y 11A 11Q 11T 11E 11J 12U 12F 12S 12L 12D 12Y 12G

1GB PC2-5300 (667MHz) DDR2 SDRAM

43C3815 R 2  
2GB PC2-5300 (667MHz) DDR2 SDRAM 43C6489 R 2  
1 Cable kit (includes SATA data cable, internal device power cable, front audio/USB card/cable, and thermal sense cable) 54Y9941 R N All models
3 System fan 41R8511 R 2 All models
9 Heat sink, NX 41R8513 R 2  
Heat sink, Athlon/Sempron 41R8514 R 2 All models
  Shield kit 41R8515 R N All models
  Hard drive tray 41R8518 R 2 All models
13 Media card reader 41R8519 R N All models
Media card reader 41R8568 R N All models
  Modem card cable 41R8522 R 2 All models
10 Chassis 41R8509 R N All models
12 Speaker 41R8517 R 2 All models
6 Express card assembly 41R8521 R N All models
  Power switch / LED assembly 41R8555 R N All models
  Shell Kit 41R8563 R N All models
Power supply

120W AC/DC power adapter


42T5279 R 1 11S 11L 11D 11Y 11A 11Q 11T 11E 11J 12U 12F 12S 12L 12D 12Y 12G 13G 14G 15U 15F 16U 16F

120W AC/DC Power Adapter


41A9747 R 1 11S 11L 11D 11Y 11A 11Q 11T 11E 11J 12U 12F 12S 12L 12D 12Y 12G 13G 14G 15U 15F 16U 16F
Hard drives
2 80GB 7200rpm SATA 40Y9034 R 2 11S 11L 11D 11Y 11A 11Q 11T 11E 11J 12U 12F 12S 12L 12D 12Y 12G
160GB 7200rpm SATA 40Y9035 R 2  
250GB 7200rpm SATA 40Y9036 R 2  
320GB 7200rpm SATA 87H4891 R 2  
500GB 7200rpm SATA 41X5582 R 2  
750GB 7200rpm SATA 43C3671 R 2  
1TB 7200rpm SATA 45C5973 R 2  
Optical drives

16x/48x DVD-ROM drive, SATA

41N3325 R 2 11S 11L 11D 11Y 11A 11Q 11T 11E 11J 12U 12F 12S 12L 12D 12Y 12G

8 DVD-RW/CD-RW combo drive, SATA


43C1042 R 2  
48x32x48x16x combo drive, SATA 42Y9353 R 2  
Keyboard - USB Preferred Pro
  US English Lenovo Productivity USB keyboard 41A5289   1 11L 11A 11Q 11E 12U 12G
Arabic Lenovo Productivity USB keyboard 41A5290   1 12G
Arabic/French Lenovo Productivity USB keyboard 41A5291   1  
Belgian/French Lenovo Productivity USB keyboard 41A5292   1 12G
Belgian/UK Lenovo Productivity USB keyboard 41A5293   1 12G
Brazilian Lenovo Productivity USB keyboard 41A5294   1  
Bulgarian Lenovo Productivity USB keyboard 41A5295   1 12G
Hong Kong/Taiwan Lenovo Productivity USB keyboard 41A5296   1  
Czech Lenovo Productivity USB keyboard 41A5297   1 12G
Danish Lenovo Productivity USB keyboard 41A5298   1 12G
Dutch Lenovo Productivity USB keyboard 41A5299   1 12G
French Lenovo Productivity USB keyboard 41A5300   1 12G
French Canadian 445 Lenovo Productivity USB keyboard 41A5301   1 12F
French Canadian 58 Lenovo Productivity USB keyboard 41A5302   1 12F
German Lenovo Productivity USB keyboard 41A5303   1 12G
Greek Lenovo Productivity USB keyboard 41A5304   1  
Greek/US preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5305   1  
Hebrew preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5306   1 12G
Hungarian preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5307   1 12G
Iceland preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5308   1 12G
Italy preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5309   1 12G
Japanese preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5310   1 11J
Korean preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5311   1  
LA Spanish preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5312   1 11S 11D 11Y 12S 12D 12Y
Norwegian preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5313   1 12G
Polish preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5314   1 12G
Portugese preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5315   1 12G
Romanian preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5317   1 12G
Romanian preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5316   1 12G
Russian/Cyrillic preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5318   1 12G
Serbian/Cyrillic preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5319   1 12G
Slovak preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5320   1 12G
Spanish preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5321   1 12G
Swedish/Finnish preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5322   1 12G
Swiss French/German preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5323   1 12G
Thailand preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5324   1 11T
Turkish preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5325   1 12G
Turkish preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5326   1 12G
United Kingdom English preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5327   1 12G
United States Euro preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5328   1 12G
Slovenian preferred pro USB keyboard 41A5329   1 12G
Keyboard - USB (Preferred Pro Fingerprint Keyboard)
  United States Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5248   1  
Arabic Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5249   1  
Arabic/French Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5250   1  
Belgian/French Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5251   1  
Belgian/UK Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5252   1  
Brazil/Portuguese Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5253   1  
Bulgarian Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5254   1  
Chinese/US Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5255   1  
Czech Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5256   1  
Danish Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5257   1  
Dutch Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5258   1  
French Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5259   1  
French Canadian 445 Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5260   1  
French Canadian 58 Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5261   1  
German Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5262   1  
Greek Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5263   1  
Greek/United States Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5264   1  
Hebrew Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5265   1  
Hungarian Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5266   1  
Iceland Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5267   1  
Italian 141 Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5268   1  
Japanese Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5269   1  
Korean Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5270   1  
Latin America Spanish Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5271   1  
Norwegian Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5272   1  
Polish Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5273   1  
Portugese Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5274   1  
Romanian 446 Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5276   1  
Romanian 96 Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5275   1  
Russian/Cyrilic Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5277   1  
Serbian/Cyrilic Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5278   1  
Slovak Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5279   1  
Spanish Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5280   1  
Swedish/Finn Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5281   1  
Swiss, F/G Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5282   1  
Thailand Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5283   1  
Turkish 179 Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5284   1  
Turkish 440 Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5285      
United Kingdom English Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5286   1  
United States Euro Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5287   1  
Slovenian Fingerprint Reader USB keyboard 41A5288   1  
  Optical Wheel mouse (400DPI, USB, red wheel) 41U3013   1 11S 11L 11D 11Y 11A 11Q 11T 11E 11J 12U 12F 12S 12L 12D 12Y 12G
Optical Wheel mouse (400DPI, USB, red wheel) 41U3030   1 11S 11L 11D 11Y 11A 11Q 11T 11E 11J 12U 12F 12S 12L 12D 12Y 12G
ScrollPoint Optical mouse (800DPI, USB) 41U3019   1  
Adapters and Miscellaneous
  Speakers (2-piece) Lenovo logo 41A5331   1  
Speakers, Lenovo branded 41A5334   1  
Speaker power brick - United States, Canada, Latin America low voltage, ASEAN 89P8571   1 12U 12S
Speaker power brick - Latin America high voltage (non-APU) 89P8575   1 12Y
Speaker power brick - China, Thailand 89P8581   1  
Speaker power brick - Japan 89P8577   1  
Speaker power brick - Brazil 89P8583   1  
Speaker power brick - Argentina 41A4901   1  
Speaker power brick - Australia/New Zealand 89P8579   1  
Speaker brick - Korea 41A4903   1  
Speaker brick - Hong Kong, Europe, Middle East, Africa 89P8573   1 12G
Speaker brick - Taiwan 41A4905   1  
Speaker power brick - India, South Africa 89P8585   1  
Thermal grease syringe 91P8835   N  
Modem daughter card (MDC 1.5) kit 39T0495   2  
Power cord
  Line cord - United States/Canada 42T5004   1 11S 11D 11L 11A 11T 12U 12F 12S 12L
Line cord - Japan 42T5011   1  
Line cord - Argentina 42T5017   1 11E 11J
Line cord - Brazil (new type) 42T5174   1  
Line cord - Europe (Germany) 42T5029   1 11Y 11L 12Y 12L
Line cord - United Kingdom 42T5035   1  
Line cord - Denmark 42T5041   1  
Line cord - Switzerland 42T5044   1  
Line cord - Italy 42T5047   1 11A 12G
Line cord - Australia/New Zealand 42T5050   1  
Line cord - South Africa 42T5056   1 11S 11Y 11L 12G
Line cord - Israel 42T5062   1 11A
Line cord - China (PRC) 42T5065   1 12G
Line cord - Taiwan 42T5071   1 12G
Line cord - Korea 42T5077   1 12G
Line cord - India 42T5083   1 11A 12G
Line cord - Thailand 42T5004   1  

Line cord - United States/Canada

Order if 42T5004 is not available

42T5089   1 11Q

Line cord - Japan

Order if 42T5011 is not available

42T5096   1 11S 11D 11L 11A 11T 12S 12D 12L 12U

Line cord - Argentina

Order if 42T5017 is not available

42T5102   1 11E 11J

Line cord - Brazil (new type)

Order if 42T5174 is not available

42T5177   1 12Y 12L

Line cord - Europe (Germany)

Order if 42T5029 is not available

42T5114   1  

Line cord - United Kingdom

Order if 42T5035 is not available

42T5120   1  

Line cord - Denmark

Order if 42T5041 is not available

42T5126   1 11A

Line cord - Switzerland

Order if 42T5044 is not available

42T5129   1 12G

Line cord - Italy

Order if 42T5047 is not available

42T5132   1  

Line cord - Australia/New Zealand

Order if 42T5050 is not available

42T5135   1 11S 11Y 11L 12S 12Y 12L 12G

Line cord - South Africa

Order if 42T5056 is not available

42T5141   1  

Line cord - Israel

Order if 42T5062 is not available

42T5147   1 11A

Line cord - China

Order if 42T5065 is not available

42T5150   1 12G

Line cord - Taiwan

Order if 42T5071 is not available

42T5156   1  

Line cord - Korea

Order if 42T5077 is not available

42T5162   1  

Line cord - India

Order if 42T5083 is not available

42T5168   1  

Line cord - Thailand

Order if 42T5004 is not available

42T5089   1  
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