Display (NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M / Quadro FX 570M) driver for Windows XP, 2000 - ThinkPad
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This package installs the software (display driver) to enable the following video chips on the system board.

- NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M
- NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M

The following operating systems are supported:

- Microsoft Windows XP (Home and Professional)
- Microsoft Windows 2000

The following systems are supported:

- ThinkPad R61 (Machine types: 7742, 7743, 7744, 7751, 7753, 7754, 7755, 8914, 8918, 8919, 8920, 8927, 8928, 8929)
- ThinkPad R61i (Machine types: 7742, 8918)
- ThinkPad T61, T61p

Note: This program is language independent and can be used with any language system.
Additional information
Summary of changes
Installation instructions
Determining which version is installed

Summary of changes


  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where Presentation Director did not list the correct screen resolutions in clone and extended display mode when creating a new profile on Presentation Director.


  • (Fix) When doing warm dock with lid closed and applying Presentation Director profile as extended desktop DVI primary and VGA secondary, error message appears or VGA will be the primary display.
  • (Fix) When setting extended desktop mode in presentation director using WUXGA (1920x1200) and WQXGA(2560x1600) combination error message appears and profile can not be set successfully.


  • (Fix) When undocking/docking the system several times in extended desktop mode, previous extended desktop setting is not always restored.
  • (Fix) If driver is clean installed, user will encounter error message when try to apply "Presenter Mode scheme with XGA 1024x768" in presentation director. -
  • (Fix) If driver is clean installed, checking presentation director "My Normal Display Settings" shows incorrect information and Capture function does not work properly.
  • (Fix) If driver is clean installed, then open OS display properties Thinkpad LCD is detected as the primary display.
  • (Fix) If driver is clean installed, then user setup remote desktop environment and connect the host PC, system will turn to black screen and display does not switch to login screen.


  • [Prerequisite] Make sure that the BIOS version installed on the system is 7KETB7WW/7LETB7WW or higher.
  • [Prerequisite] Install QFE Q941880 or update Windows XP to Windows XP SP3. This is to fix an intermittent blue screen error that happens if the process of hot-undocking the system with "Lid Close Action" set to "Do Nothing" then warm-docking the system is repeated several times.
  • (Fix) When undocking the system, sometimes it goes to a blank screen or goes to an inappropriate resolution.
  • (Fix) If "Lid Close Action" is "Standby" in "Power Option Properties", then closing the lid of the system and opening it again before the system goes to standby, instead of going to standby the system reboots.
  • (Fix) When system is docked with DVI or VGA attached and docking/ undocking was performed several times, the previous display configuration is lost and video output stays on the ThinkPad LCD only.
  • (Fix) In extended desktop mode the system does not remember the previous display configuration.
  • (Fix) When performing a hot-undock several times, sometimes the external monitor resolution is wrong.
  • (Fix) If extended desktop mode is set on OS display properties, then after a suspend/resume the external display is not restored and video output will be to LCD only.
  • (Fix) If "Lid Close Action" is "Do Nothing" in "Power Option Properties" and display is set to extended desktop mode, then after closing the lid display does not switch to external monitor as primary display.
  • (Fix) If "Lid Close Action" is "Do Nothing" in "Power Option Properties" and display is set to extended desktop mode, then lid close/open will cause a display switch to clone mode.
  • (Fix) If the "Undock action" is "No Action" in the Power Manager Advanced Global Options, the display screen may become blank screen on docking and undocking several times with lid closed.
  • (Fix) After upgrading the driver from version 156.85 to version 174.31, an error message is seen during system shutdown.


  • (Fix) The computer will reboot when entering to suspend mode with Intel AMT (Active Management Technology) ready.
  • (Fix) WHQL digital signature for Windows 2000 is wrong (This problem occurs in the version of driver).


  • (New) User interface of nVidia display control panel was changed.
  • (Fix) Microsoft Office XP tool bar is not properly located after boot up, suspend/resume, and hibernation/wake up.
  • (Fix) Network roaming profile is not saved with nVidia display driver.


  • (Initial release) Support for ThinkPad R61, T61, T61p.

Installation instructions
  1. Start Windows XP, 2000 and logon with administrative privileges.
  2. Double-click the driver package to extract it to your hard drive.
    The default location is C:\DRIVERS\WIN\DISPLAY
  3. Click Start, then click Run...
  4. Specify "SETUP.EXE" with the full path name where you extracted the package in step 2, and click OK.
    For unattended installation, type C:\DRIVERS\WIN\DISPLAY\SETUP -n -s and click OK.
  5. When the Welcome window appears, click Next.
  6. At the Software License Agreement screen, if you agree, click Yes.
  7. At the Select Components screen, click Express.
  8. At the Setup Complete screen, select Yes, I want to restart my computer now.
  9. Click Finish, then reboot the system.

Determining which version is installed
For Windows XP:
  1. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Performance and Maintenance.
  2. Click System, click the Hardware tab, then click Device Manager.
  3. Right click 'NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M' or 'NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M' under Display adapters. Then click Properties.
  4. Click the Driver tab. Then you will see the Driver Version.

For Windows 2000:

  1. Click Start, select Settings, then click Control Panel.
  2. Double-click System, click the Hardware tab, then click Device Manager.
  3. Right click 'NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M' or 'NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M' under Display adapters. Then click Properties.
  4. Click the Driver tab. Then you will see the Driver Version.

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